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Work From Home In A Space That Will Motivate You

Here our tips to help you set up a productive home office

The enhanced community quarantine will force a lot of people to work from home in order to help flatten the COVID-19 curve.  Working from home has its fair share of challenges because most people would rather not bring their work home.  On the flipside, this time can be very productive, given the right elements and space to designate as your home office. 

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Still trying to not mention the C word too much but I thought I’d share some of my tips for working from home (WFH). I’m a freelancer so I’m already used to it but I do remember it took me a while to get used to and I know for a lot of people it will not be easy. WFH is great but it’s not without its challenges, theres the obvious pros like saving time commuting and cons such as not getting to socialise with people you work with - For me that’s one of the best part of work. I thoroughly support the relaxed environment of wfh but you still need some routine and small rules to set yourself to make sure you work and stay productive. • Get up at the same time everyday, don’t lie in, it only affects your sleep that night. • wash, dress and put your makeup on (if you wear any). I often change back into my or comfies when I close my laptop 👩🏻‍💻 • take small breaks to make sure you move about. Use the time to make a cup of tea, put a load of washing on, jobs which don’t take too long but help your free time are the best. • at lunch I try to take a walk, get some air even do a bit of gardening for 30 mins or so. The days when you don’t get any air can be a little 🤯. I have been attempting to do a yoga class at lunch for the last 8 months - still not managed it. • it’s vital to make sure your house/ workspace is as tidy and clean as you can make it if it’s messy it can distract you and you might end up doing the dishes instead of your work. It also helps to keep your mind clear and focused on your work. Small tips but they help me a lot. While this Corona Virus situation is clearly horrific, it might make us all slow down a bit and take stock. We might learn to work more efficiently, more flexibly and travel less. Which could be good for out physical and mental health and of course the planet. • #wfh #workingfromhome #worklife #homeoffice #homeofficedecor #homeofficeideas #workspace #diningroom #desk #deskdecor #openplan #openplanliving #bookcase #shelfie #houseplants #monstera #plantsmakeushappy #plantsofinstagram #fauxflowers #fakeflowers #artistsoninstagram #affordableart #vintagefurniture #vintagehome #collectables #myhome #sorealhomes #instahome

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Metro.Style encourages the productivity of every person who needs to work from home at this time.  All it takes is a little creativity to make this work.

Here are helpful tips on how to set-up a home office:

1.      Identify an area where you can work productively. 

This may be an unused room such as the guest room.  If your space is limited, you may have to get creative.  An unused closet may be function as a small home office by simply taking out the clothes rod.

2.      Assess your needs in order to design your home office space. 

Here is a checklist of things to consider:  

___ Telephone line

___ Desk

___ Chair

___ Flooring. 

If your chair is the type that can roll around, you may have to be on a tiled surface or wooden floor.  On the flipside, if your budget will not allow for the installation of new flooring, you may want to choose furniture that works with what you already have.

___ Storage for your equipment: computer tower, printer, scanner

___ Desk organizers for papers, pens and pencils, a stapler, rulers, paper clips and other office stationery

___ Cabinetry or drawers for your files

___ A calendar

3.       Choose the proper working surface. 

In general, this will be a desk, but a lot of people need to improvise with this. Some are probably working on their dining tables.  The most important thing to remember is the ergonomics of your furniture.  Your work desk should be comfortable enough for your chair.  A good rule of thumb is this:

It’s a good idea to draw out a floor plan in order to ensure that everything fits in your home office.

4.       Choose the chair that perfectly fits.

Pick a chair that will work well with your desk.  Remember, you will be sitting here for most of the day, just like in your regular place of work.  You may also want to consider using a foot stool below your desk for your own comfort.  A 10”-12” high foot stool should be comfortable enough.

5.       Consider your lighting.

Offices thrive with good task lighting.  At home, you may want to work near a window to maximize the benefits of natural light.  The challenge of working at home is that in this private space, motivation may suffer due to the lack of factors that are present in a conventional office environment such as a boss to keep you on your toes, peers to collaborate with, the benefit of going down for a cup of coffee—all these are  factors that keep the momentum going on a daily basis.  The proper amount of light, especially natural light, will help ensure that you are awake and on task.  If natural light is not available, consider replacing your bulbs with daylight bulbs.

6.       Declutter.

After every work day, keep your space pleasant by clearing it.  Having a clear working space will make it more appealing for your return to the next day.  This can be achieved by simply putting everything back where they belong.  It is important, however, that you have the right storage solutions for all of your home office needs.  Consider using the following that you may already have at home:

-        Baskets

-        Plastic bins

-        Empty shoe boxes

-        Empty plastic crates

7.       Make your home office guest-friendly.

The enhanced community quarantine will last for a month.  It’s impossible not to have guests over, or at least have them over via video conference calls.  Make your home office hospitable by adding a chair or two for the guests.  Spruce it up with your own personality.  The better it suits your style, the more you will want to work in it.

Be inspired by this gallery of home offices: