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20 Valentine's Gift Ideas For Yourself

Single? Taken? On a break? In a complicated relationship? Your relationship status doesn’t matter! You can still use the holiday as an excuse to show love to the most important person in your life: you! Treat yourself to some Valentine lovin’ this month.


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1. Herbal healing

Step off the grass, that’s not what this is about. There’s nothing like a bouquet of blackened roses to bring back your high school emo memories. Give your heart a break and get something that’ll last longer than February 15. Kalachuchi and mini santan are easy to care for flowering plants that can grow tall and small. Buy one in a pot from your nearest botanical garden. Show your little green friend love in the form of clean water and gentle sunlight. They’ll love you right back by brightening up your home.


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Give the gift of happiness this Valentine’s Day with our long-lasting roses ?? #TGHFTinyFleurs

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2. Upgraded body love

Whether or not you have a sexual partner or have access to flings, we all know that nobody knows our pleasure zones more than we do. Get yourself a nice, shiny sex toy that’s just for you and your adult “alone time."


3. Culture in color

There has to be a museum near you, or at least one within a reasonable travel distance. Relish in the fact that you won’t have to argue about what that painting means and that you can ogle at that interesting geode for as long as you want. Soak it all in at your own pace.



4. Furry fun

No conventions or costumes here! Animal cafés are a rising trend, and barring that, you can always volunteer at an animal shelter. If you’re in a financial and residential state of being able to afford it, adopting from the shelters would be great too! Not all love is romantic, after all. Go ahead, give some puppy love to your furry friends.


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5. Figurative swimming, not figure skating

If you prefer scales and exoskeletons over fur, you’re best off finding the nearest aquarium! Some water parks even have bonus attractions that include butterflies and insects—while those are usually for kids, who isn’t into pretty gifts of nature?


6. Staycation

Have a change of scenery and free yourself from your household chores at the same time! For a whole day, you won’t have to worry about keeping your space clean or doing the dishes. Just relax and leave your worries behind. Most hotels have evening entertainment at their lounges and excellent swimming pools, both very lovely ways to celebrate love.


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7. Whip yo hair

Have you ever wanted boyband frosted tips? Do redheads make you green with envy? Do anime characters speak to you on a follicle level? Do you have daydreams of going full unicorn and ascending from this mortal plane? Your dream hair is just a salon date away. Dying your hair is an easy way to take control of how you look, and maybe you’ll fall in love with yourself a little more.


8. Malagos chocolate

Gift yourself a box of luxuriously delicious chocolate made from beans grown in Davao, Philippines. The cacao beans that make these chocolates have received international acclaim! Just this year, the Heirloom Cacao Preservation fund recognized their beans as Heirloom Cacao. In 2017, the International Cocoa Awards in Paris declared them one of the world’s best cacao beans. If they’re good enough for Paris, they’re surely good enough for you on this special day.


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9. Potato power

Looking for something salty to match your Valentine’s day mood? Go get yourself a huge serving of fries! McDonald’s or something fancier—it’s entirely up to you. Some places have fries that come in varying flavors; if you’re salty AND upset, chili fries might help you out.


10. Three Ps: pizza, pasta, pastries

You don’t need a significant other to stuff your face with tasty carbs. Throw your inhibitions out the window and indulge in a nice “Italian” meal then find some good desserts to throw in the mix. Sometimes cheeriness comes in the form of carbs.


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11. Touch therapy

Want someone’s hands on your body but don’t want the commitment? Maybe you’ve had a long week and just need a good rub down. Either way, a solo massage is a great way to relax this Valentine’s season. Feel your muscles loosen up as their expert hands work away at your stress. Stroll into your nearest spa and indulge yourself.


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12. Work it out

No, this has nothing to do with economic occupation. Yes, we’re still talking about a pseudo-vacation. Sign up for the dance class you’ve been eyeing for awhile, take the yoga session your friends have been raving about, or just hit up your gym in general! Natural endorphin high and a good investment in your health: isn’t that love?


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13. Explore the unknown

Crystals and astrology are making a comeback, and what better time than the day of love to look into it if you haven’t yet? Get yourself a palm reading or a tarot card reading. At best, you’ll learn new things and maybe pick up a new interest overall.


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14. Switch it up

This is not a dance, this is a clothes race. Okay, so there’s no race. Have you ever thought of changing your personal style? Less pants, less shirts, more sneakers? Go shopping and challenge yourself to find something you wouldn’t usually buy but you find yourself liking!


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15. Netflix and nest

No, that’s not a typo. Maybe you’ve been running yourself down with work and personal obligations. Maybe you indulge in Netflix binges already, but they’re always right in the middle of crazy responsibilities. Clear a whole day, find a show, buy all your favorite snacks, turn down the lights, turn on the aircon, and give yourself time.


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16. Books

Make like a caterpillar and cocoon yourself in some soft blankets. Flex on the caterpillar by getting yourself that gorgeous hard cover book. The one you wistfully caress before pulling away from the bookstore? You’ve come back and you’re not letting go.


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17. Booze

Get yourself an ostentatiously priced bottle of alcohol. Wine and dine yourself!


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18. Basic baking workshop

Who deserves freshly baked pastries made with love? You do! And who gets to decide how many cups of chocolate chips your cookies really need? You, no matter what the recipe says. Learn basic baking techniques—there’s always a class or two!


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19. Ice cream

That’s it. That’s the suggestion. Ice cream. Get a tub or three and just go for it. Sugar is always helpful! Isn’t the sight alone a smile-inducer? You’re already smiling just reading about the idea of getting ice cream. Go on. You know you want to.


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20. Video games

A common stereotype is that gamers and non-gamers struggle with dating because games can take up a lot of time and attention. Whether you’re a professional or you’re just casually into it, go and get yourself into the world of fun gaming! Find an arcade, buy yourself the Nintendo Switch, or fire up that Sims game that’s been sitting on your desktop. Let your inner kid experience a fun Valentine's!