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This New Establishment In KidZania Manila Helps Parents Spot Their Child's Gifts And Interests

Through the "Spot the Gift" test at this new establishment, parents will be guided on what KidZania Manila jobs best suit their kids' potential

A trip to KidZania Manila is not only fun, it's also informative, educational, and future preparatory. It's definitely much more than a theme park, as each establishment and every role-play experience in it is meant to shape and mold children who will be the world's next generation of leaders and industry players.

Last December, KidZania Manila launched a new establishment that helps give parents and their kids a more guided tour and experience of the place: PROMIL® FOUR Talent Development Center.   

The new Promil Four Talent Development Center at KidZania Manila
The new Promil Four Talent Development Center at KidZania Manila

Through the "Spot the Gift" test at this new establishment, parents can discover their child's gifts and interests. The test consists of personality-based questions that help determine a kid's inclinations and the gifts that make him or her unique. 

The results will indicate if a child has linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, naturalist, interpersonal, intrapersonal, spatial relation, or musical gift.

On how these test results help kids navigate this place of learning, KidZania Manila content manager Ikey Canoy said, "To help them explore those gifts further, kids also receive job recommendations, role-playing activities at various establishments around the city where they can exercise these gifts and even earn a little extra salary by completing them... To help kids and parents understand these gifts better, they can sign up together for a special consultation with our resident talent development officer. Now, together, they'll learn more about their top 3 gifts, why it's important to nurture them, ways that a person learns best using those gifts, future careers out there that are waiting for their child based on those gifts,  plus practical ways both kids and parents alike can further nurture them at home."


While it's fun to wander around KidZania Manila and be immersed in the different role-playing activities it offers, the experience becomes more enjoyable and meaningful when parents know which areas specifically cater to their kids' gifts and interests.  

Wyeth Nutrition marketing director for Premium Jocelyn Lacida further shared during the PROMIL® FOUR Talent Development Center launch, "By taking the 'Spot the Gift' test, we give parents the opportunity to see the results real-time. So, you key in, you answer the questions, and you see the results right away. And then we have our supervisors or our experts to take you through the results and in case you have questions. This will also help you design a unique experience for your child and help the child navigate through the more than 90 establishments here at KidZania."

PROMIL® Four's partner establishments include National Book Store’s Bookstore & Art Studio, Star Magic’s Acting Academy, and Star Music’s Music Studio.

The addition of this establishment will help nurture kids' potential and allow them and their parents to discover more possibilities in their areas of interest.

KidZania Manila operates under ABS-CBN Themed Experiences Inc., a subsidiary of the country’s leading media and entertainment company that seeks to bring unique Kapamilya experiences in engaging and interactive themed attractions

For updates, visit or follow the Play City’s social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram) @kidzaniamanila.

KidZania Manila is located at North, 11th Ave, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila