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This Baby Product Line Can Be The Skincare Holy Grail For Both Mom And Baby

Cetaphil has recently launched their newest organic line—the Calendula range—to help protect and take care of every mom and baby's skin

Products that serve a double purpose are a steal that we just couldn’t miss. All the more when it comes to skincare, as healthy skin will keep you comfortable and always ready to face your day. And when it comes to baby care, it’s equally important to oversee your bundle of joy as well as your personal well-being. Good thing Cetaphil Baby has recently launched a new baby care line that’s safe and effective for both moms and babies!

They introduced the Calendula range on top of their classic line of offerings, which are clinically proven to respect, maintain, and improve the structure of even the most sensitive skin. It also boasts of helpful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of calendula. The full line covers our needs from head to toe—there’s the 2-in-1 shampoo and wash, daily lotion, advanced protection cream, and gentle baby wipes. Since it’s formulated specifically for the young one’s delicate skin, us adults can also rest assured that only the best pampering treat is touching our skin.

Cetaphil calendula range

Even celebrity moms Solenn Heusaff and Sam Pinto are big fans of the new line! “One thing I love about Cetaphil is I never ever had a rash,” Solenn gushes. Meanwhile, Sam proudly shares how her daughter Mia has been a loyal user of the line since she was a newborn. 

For the soon-to-be mom of two, they use bath time as mom-and-daughter bonding time. “Bath time is always a fun time because we get to do bubble baths with the wash & shampoo,” Solenn shares. After toweling off, they proceed to applying some lotion. The mom applies it to Tili, and the little one would do the same for her mom!

Solenn Heussaff

Sam, on the other hand, does the same, revealing that she actually washes her child frequently to keep her clean! Of course, Cetaphil products prevent dryness, especially her top pick—the advanced protection cream. “Ako rin, ginagamit ko rin yung advanced protection cream,” the mom confesses. “With this cream, at least it relieves her from irritation for 24 hours, so it's one of my favorite products talaga.”

Sam Pinto
So for a change, why not incorporate baby products into your routine? It’s an added bonus that your child enjoys the products, too—it’s hitting two birds with one stone!