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This 2-Day Virtual Conference Sees Remote Learning in Action

Happening on June 4 and 5, the virtual conference aims to help transform and empower education’s frontliners

While online learning is nothing new, the past year saw its rise and normalization along with stay-at-home orders and physical distancing protocols. It’s a different environment and experience, not only for students, but for teachers and parents as well. 

Even as more and more individuals become vaccinated, both here and abroad, there’s no doubt that the pandemic has created a shift in the way we do things normally. Online learning, even when physical classes are back in place, will continue to evolve. It is, after all, the future: more aspects of life will continue to exist online. 


On June 4 and 5, Keys School Manila will hold a virtual conference delivered in 30 to 45-minute bite-sized sessions designed to help teachers and parents navigate and design for the online learning classrooms. International experts and local practitioners will discuss strategies and engagement fore effect online or hybrid learning. 

Teachers, academic coordinators, principals, undergraduate students, student teachers, and homeschooling parents are encouraged to participate. There will be plenary and breakout sessions, covering themes and topics from inquiry learning, 21st century skills, agency and independence, blended learning, personalized learning, and more. 

Singapore Math Expert Dr. Yeap Ban Har and STEM Ed Consultant Dr. Diana Wehrell-Crabowski, PhD will be speaking during the plenary sessions on the future of learning, adopting a blended learning approach, and more. 

Keys Learning

What we can look forward to: Learning more about Keys School Manila's reflective teaching culture that allows them to rapidly prototype and revise, thus providing not an emergency online program but a robust Remote Learning Curriculum that successfully enhances 21st-century skills.

On this day, the school leaders and teachers will share classrooms strategies and best practices as they stand in solidarity with co-educators in the Philippines and the region. This is to share knowledge and creative solutions in educating the youth of the 21st century.

Who we can look forward to: Experts and other distinguished educators from around the world will cover critical topics around hands-on experiences, engagement, understanding, real-life applications and share actual classroom samples on how these can be strengthened In our online or hybrid classrooms, and more. 

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Kids Had All The Fun at the Metro MomCon Event

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