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Let Your Kids Have Some Fun This Halloween With Rockwell's Space Voyager Kits

Despite the ongoing pandemic, parents just can't let their kids skip Halloween. Now here's a cool treat for them: a space-themed kit!

After almost seven months under quarantine, parents have surely ran out of ideas to entertain their kids at home. It's easy to imagine that, by this time, they've already played with countless toys, tried all sorts of fun and educational home activities, and watched numerous kiddie YouTube videos just to help the kids deal with boredom. 

It's time to give them something new to play with!

Many parents look forward to Halloween, because they get to dress up their kids in cute (sometimes scary) costumes and go around trick-or-treating. Many villages and subdivisions organize Halloween events for the kids. Some offices hold Halloween parties, and employees get to bring their kids for trick or treat. But many also prefer trick-or-treating in the mall. Malls like the Power Plant Mall and Santolan Town Plaza would go all-out for Halloween with a whole set of fun activities for the kids. Sadly, we can't do any of these this year with the ongoing global health crisis. 

Still, parents just can't let the Halloween go by without a special activity for their kids. Good news: We found a cool way to spend this holiday at home! Rockwell came out with interactive Space Voyager Kits, and they're too cute to pass up on!

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The kits take kids on a galactic journey. Their mission? Complete the activities, so they could become "Certified Space Rangers." Sounds fun, right? But they're even better experienced!

The Rockwell Space Voyager Kits are essentially backpacks (they're available in pink or blue). Each jetpack backpack includes cosmic candies and treats, exclusive access to a DIY astronaut mask workshop, top secret space missions, and space badges for parents to award their little Space Rangers for every game completed.

Newly-certified Space Rangers will also get a chance to win special space-themed gifts from Toys R Us by posting their best graduation photo showing their completed badges, and tagging Power Plant Mall and Santolan Town Plaza on Instagram and Facebook with the caption: “Space Ranger (name) reporting for duty at Rockwell Voyager. #RockwellHalloween”

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The Rockwell Space Voyager Kits may be purchased by sending a direct message to Power Plant Mall's Facebook page. They cost for P1,000 each. Order your backpacks now, and they're expected to be delivered to you between October 26 to 30, 2020, 11am - 7pm. 

Once you've received the item, try your best to hide it from your kids first, so they have something to enjoy on October 31. There's a workshop video that will be available for viewing at 10am, to guide the kids in their space mission.

The kids may be stuck at home now, but Halloween can still be made special for them with fun treats like these.

You may also get your Space Voyager Kits through For more details, visit Follow Power Plant Mall, Santolan Town Plaza, and The Grove by Rockwell’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.