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We Joined Dimples Romana In An Exciting Brunch Date This Mother’s Month

During CDO Funtastyk’s Mom’s Day event, the celebrity mom emphasized the importance of creating traditions around mealtimes to forge strong familial ties.

We often hear the saying, “Moms know best,” and we believe it—because we know that every mother out there only wants the best things for their children. Thus, these superwomen take no time in seeking out only the finest for their beloved, from clothing choices to which school to attend to and down, of course, to what food to feed the kids!

In the recent CDO Funtastyk Mom’s Day event, CDO Marketing Manager Ice Galangan happily shared, “Today is all about celebrating you, mommies—the incredible superheroes who make life a little more delicious and a whole lot brighter,” she says. “Hindi madali ang maging nanay, kaya saludo kami sa inyo and everything that you do.”


For celebrity mom Dimples Romana, meals are of utmost importance, as these affect us in more ways than one. More than just sustaining our bodies with nutrients and fueling us to face our day to day activities, food also nourishes our soul. That’s why during the event, the brand ambassador spilled her secret keeping her family’s bellies—and hearts!—full.

“A memory is always anchored upon the senses,” the mom of three shares. No matter what kind of meal you prepare—whether it’s a fancy three-course dinner or a simple meal consisting of your favorite CDO product with bread or rice—maintaining a mealtime tradition creates wonderful shared moments that the whole family will definitely recall whenever they head to the table. Creating healthy, happy memories with every meal is a way to forge stronger familial bonds—thus, building greater bonds with every member of the brood.

Apart from this important tip, the celebrity mom also got to bond with all the attendees—all strong, hardworking, and all-giving women who deserve all the love and pampering in the world. During the event, guests were able to unwind, socialize, and indulge not just in good food but also in several pampering activities. Allowing a day to prettify and make our moms feel like the queen that they are, each mom was spoiled with beautiful nail art, hairstyling, and makeup sessions, as well as relaxing foot massages. 


Of course, what celebration is complete without food? Guests got to sample on delectable brunch offerings like tocilog and other snacks, shared with fellow super mommies and their kids, too. Games and prizes kept the energy on high, while Dimples’ short talk filled the hall with laughter and camaraderie—discussing her experiences and insights on motherhood and offering valuable advice to everyone.


“Whatever happens, I hope that you find it in your hearts to always be strong and beautiful, not just for your families, but most especially for yourselves. You are worthy, you are loved, you are valued even when you don’t hear it—especially when you don’t hear it,” Dimples asserts. 

Moms, indeed, deserve everything in the world—and the event not only honored the moms present, but also gave out precious learning and memories that they can share in creating a better home for them and their own families.