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Solenn Heussaff Shares What New Moms Need To Know About Safeguarding Their Family’s Future

AIA Philam Life ambassador Solenn Heussaff, a new mom to one-year-old daughter Thylane, along with husband Nico Bolzico, share their finance and money management tips. Hint: It’s all about finding the right partner

Motherhood is tough. Yet with it comes so much beauty, tenderness, and fulfilment that it would make your heart swell in appreciation for its special moments. Likewise, this role requires constant adjustments, as new moms tend to get overwhelmed by the many changes they have to face.

Case in point: AIA Philam Life ambassador Solenn Heussaff, a new mom to one-year-old daughter Thylane with husband and fellow AIA Philam Life ambassador, Nico Bolzico. They had to reassess their priorities and the carefree couple who often prank each other on social media are now seriously considering their whole family’s well-being and financial security.


One of the important things they had to consider are the balancing responsibilities—especially managing the family’s finances. In this aspect, it wasn’t that big of a shift as Solenn had been financially independent even before she became a mom.

“Nico and I are very modern when it comes to our finances. Ever since we became a couple, we’ve had our own separate bank accounts, which we have maintained up until we became parents. We don’t normally keep track of each other’s finances, but we often talk about our own investments and expenses,” she shares.

The two now have a joint account where they use to process their household and everyday expenses, as well as joint investments as a couple.

“Nico is more of the finance guy between us, so he has the tools and applications of our finances. I note everything in a file on my computer just so we are both on track with everything.”

One aspect that has remained constant is her money management methods.

“I’ve always done it this way even before Thylane arrived. The only difference now is, I make sure to put aside extra savings for her future.”

Here are other ways that Solenn has safeguarded Thylane’s future. Read on:

1. Have a separate account just for your child

Solenn has been planning for the next few years of her daughter’s life.

“We created a separate account for her where we put our extra savings, and we have been planning as early as now such as for when she starts going to school. It’s very important to try and look at what the future holds and to prepare for it,” she says.

2. Monitor both income and expenses

Solenn regularly monitors ‘what was,’ keep track of ‘what’s to come,’ and be prepared for ‘what ifs.’

“When it comes to managing the family’s finances, it’s very important to know how much you spend every month. Aside from that, we put aside a certain amount for emergencies. And when it comes to spending on wants, we make sure we don’t spend beyond what we’re earning so that we can put aside enough for our savings,” she adds.

3. Plan for emergencies

There’s really so much to worry about when it comes to children—whether it’s getting injured while they’re not around or being hospitalized for an illness. Luckily, for Solenn, she has a trusted partner who can provide a well-thought-out plan that will help their family secure their finances especially amidst uncertainties like a pandemic.

4. Find a trusted partner for the future—AIA Philam Life

Now, especially since the world is in a state of unpredictability due to the pandemic, moms are keen to find products that can help them prepare and look forward to a more hopeful future. To address this need for long-term savings, AIA Philam Life recently launched the AIA Future Builder, a new variable life insurance plan that will help them secure and grow their hard-earned savings while protecting them from risks, no matter what the future brings.

AIA Philam Life, the country’s premier life insurance company, has always been committed to providing Filipinos with relevant products that will help them secure their family’s future, so they can enjoy healthier, longer, and better lives.

With AIA Future Builder, parents like Solenn can maximize their savings potential with the option to diversify their investments through either locally or globally-managed funds. Plus, the plan comes with basic insurance protection for life, as well as additional benefit for total and permanent disability, and personal accident as one of its optional riders.

5. Find incentive to lead a healthy life with Philam Vitality 

Apart from AIA Future Builder, there’s also AIA Philam Life’s science-backed wellness program Philam Vitality which incentivizes members with additional cash benefits and other rewards for healthy behavior, through achieving and monitoring their fitness goals. This product is also easy on the pocket as it comes in different payment terms, with 5, 10, or pay-to-age 65 variants.

“I am definitely enjoying being a mom right now,” says Solenn. “I realized I could do things I couldn’t do before, like enduring anything and everything just to make sure my family lives the best life possible,” Solenn says.

With AIA Philam Life, moms like Solenn can show their love and care for their families by preparing a secure future and giving them the best that life can offer with AIA Future Builder.

Click here to learn more about AIA Future Builder or visit AIA Philam Life’s Facebook Page, email, or call +632-8528-2000.