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WATCH: Learn About The Things That Make One A "Tita"—Straight From Gloria Diaz


“Over the years, I’ve always thought that it’s important to look a certain way to be acceptable that way. But right now, the best way is to be relaxed, not to live up to everybody’s expectations. You don’t need to impress anybody," says Gloria Diaz. As the first Filipina to be named Miss Universe, the beauty queen in Gloria has evolved into someone who gives more importance to inner beauty rather than outside appearance. 

“Aging doesn’t bother me. It’s not my main concern," she adds, “I think you reach a certain age that you are not the priority, even for yourself.” As mother to three children and now a new grandmother to Isabelle Daza's adorable baby Balthazar (or Baltie), her priority has changed from self-enhancement or self-improvement to selfless love for her family. Her purpose these days is grounded on providing endless love and support to her loved ones, while discovering the joys of being a grandmother. 

Gloria Diaz is definitely not one to cling to youth. With aging comes wisdom, so she embraces it and advises others to do the same. 

In this exclusive interview with Metro.Style, ageless beauty Gloria, who is now 67 years old, talks more about beauty and being a new grandmother:


What is one beauty advice that you wish you followed back in the day? 

Stay away from the sun. Because you would have very nice skin if you stayed away from the sun. And I did not. But you know, my yaya, I had a yaya here who had a child, and every day, after each child takes a bath, she rubs coconut oil on the skin, and of course the child is already older, but then they have very nice, clean, shiny skin. Dark and all, but beautiful, really beautiful skin. I think it's really the coconut oil. Now they have this purified coconut stuff. 


Do you have any insecurities looks-wise, and how have you dealt with them? 

We have a lot of insecurities. Like for myself, I wish I had thicker hair, I wish I had no double chin, but I deal with them. It's not like I'm not going to be able to act.




What would you like Baltie to call you?

Momshie! He will call me moshie! I like it! He's only 4 months old, and I'm always like, "Momshie," so he knows me.


How is it like being a grandmother? 

Baltie's so beautiful, right? He's really so beautiful. And his eyes are so wide open. I think he's a beautiful baby, and I hope he'll be stay beautiful even as a grown-up. We just play, and I watch him a lot because this girl (her daughter Ava) loves him totally. He comes here, we just go round and round when he's not doing anything. We're not allowed to bring him out, hindi pa siya na-baptize. We're going to Europe, he's going to be baptized with the family there, his (Adrien Semblat) parents. Belle was very wary of bringing him there. I'm like, "Belle, don't be so scared, because Ava and I, I brought her to Baguio in the middle of the lahar, and Ava was just two months old, because we had a shooting in Baguio. And we had to go very slow with the car because the lahar was going inside the car. I brought Ava there, and we were staying in Baguio, nakakatuwa pa kasi siyempre you don't bring the tub for the baby, my yaya was giving Ava a bath in the little basin in Baguio. She liked it so much, so they'll survive.


Do you feel younger now that you have an apo

No, I don't feel younger or older. I told nga my children, "I didn't know you could love an apo. I love them more than you guys. I didn't believe that, I think there's truth to that. I love them more than you." I don't know. Is it possible? Everyday I would go there to Belle's place to see him, 'cause when I see him smile, it's everything, that's all you need, when he recognizes you and smile. 




Produced by Jenica Chuahiock

Video producer: Joan Ko

Photography by Cyrus Panganiban

Art direction by Butchie Peña

Hair and makeup by Gerald Gloria

Styling by Ava Daza

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Shoot assistant: Iya Ronatay