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#MetroStyleAgelessBeauties: Women Who Embrace The Golden Years


Meet the women who’ve redefined our standards for what it means to be in our golden years! #CherieGil (@macherieamour), #AgotIsidro (@agotisidro), #TweetieDeLeonGonzalez (@insteegee), #CricketteTantoco, and #TessaPrietoValdes (@seaprincess888) are our #MetroStyleAgelessBeauties who, in their fifties, have made us wonder about their tried-and-true secrets to keeping a youthful radiance. Head to the link in our bio to read about these five amazing women, and keep following us here on @metrodotstyle as we continue revealing more of our ageless beauties! • Photo credit: Cherie Gil - via @ hairbymycke, photo by @jigsmayuga, makeup @jigsmayuga hair @hairbymycke Agot Isidro - photo by @dix_perez Crickette Tantoco - photo by @photosbydane Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez - via @garison898, makeup @garison898 • #Beauty #AgelessBeauty #wellstyledlife #lifestyled #lifegoals #inspiredliving

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There's no stopping these #MetroStyleAgelessBeauties in their 50s. While others struggle to find themselves and their purpose during this phase, these inspiring ladies power through with greater discipline—but also with a regular dose of love and laughter. Take it from them: nothing is more rewarding than being at the peak of your health at 50. 


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Cherie Gil


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Best known for portraying Lavinia Arguelles in Bituing Walang Ningning (with her iconic line: "You're nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!"), renowned actress Cherie Gil is greeted with admiration wherever she goes.

At 55 years of age, she is challenging what everyone thinks one should look like well into their golden years. She’s fit, she’s radiant, and she’s hilarious, saying that having a fantastic sense of humor is something that has helped her deal with getting a bit older and going through menopause.

To address the physical changes that go with her age, Cherie does exercise as often and as hard as one can. She believes that as women get older, they have more ideas and more space within themselves to want to do things, to share, to contribute and grow; one can only do all of these things if they are fit and have the stamina. Variety is key, and when she’s not busy with work or traveling to New York to visit her kids, she mixes her workouts with yoga and dance sessions, the latter of which she’s been doing since she was a teenager.


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Crickette Tantoco


Society style icon, wife, and mother-of-three Crickette Tantoco looks as fabulous as she did 10, 20, even 30 years ago. How does she stay so fit? She swears by Pilates, which she credits for her lithe figure; it’s an exercise that could give any woman an enviable silhouette by working the smaller muscles that support the larger ones.

When it comes to diets, Crickette actually advises to stay away from them, opting instead to eat what one wants but in moderation: “If you deprive yourself or undergo drastic diets, you will end up bingeing later on. Skip the sweets and junk food. Limit the alcohol.”

With beauty, Crickette encourages enhancements but is quick to add that one must not alter what is natural and to not do them all at once. “Focus on one area per decade so that with the passing of each decade, you can refresh and enhance something new,” she reveals.


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Zelda Kienle 

What’s your beauty secret? That’s a question typically asked of Zelda Kienle, the matriarchal co-founder of Philux, who is frequently the candidate for many stylish and beauty accolades. Much like the elegance that radiates from the Kienle family’s luxury living, Zelda’s perspective on beauty is all about achieving balance.

“Moderation in life is key in maintaining a healthy mind and body.”, she says. Inner happiness breeds kindness and compassion, which ultimately is that intangible radiance one exudes. That being said, this kindness should also extend to oneself, especially as you age. She adds, “Beauty is not skin deep, but don’t forget the skincare! Cleanse, moisturize, hydrate and always find time to relax.”

Zelda is not one to follow strict diets and workouts either; it’s all about just eating well balanced meals, coupled with a few minutes of light weights and exercise every day. “Ageless to me is a feeling.”, she explains. “It’s embracing one’s age gracefully. It’s being comfortable in one’s skin, being confident, positive, happy and having the right balance in life.”


Tessa Prieto-Valdes


Often seen out painting the town red, or traveling in style with loved ones, host, columnist and interior designer Tessa Prieto-Valdes is a true round-the-clock woman. She doesn’t let her busy lifestyle get in the way of keeping her figure slim and living a healthy lifestyle, though.

Tessa lays down her mat regularly at Bikram Yoga Manila, breaks a sweat in Zumba classes, and trains for marathons (Tessa has ran the New York Marathon and the 35th Marathon de Paris, the latter of which has a distance of 42 kilometers!)

Her eating habits are impressive, as well—the vivacious personality loves to eat a lot, relishing the vegetarian and pescatarian dishes. Underneath the fascinators and rainbow-colored lashes, she also has radiant, glowing skin which she makes sure to take care of by sticking to her tried-and-true beauty regimens.


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Agot Isidro


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True ageless beauty is when you have a bare face and still look so good. At 52 years old, actress, singer, TV personality, and activist Agot Isidro is looking as fresh and fit as ever. She achieves her supple and luminous skin by carving time out in her day to really care for it, investing in top-of-the-line skincare essentials.

She also attributes loading up on veggies, eating whole grains, and cooking more healthily as her energy sources—which allow her to accomplish everything she needs in a day and get her skin looking great.

Agot sports a toned physique, which makes her look great in everything, from tailored pantsuits, or in casual shorts and a white tee. A self-proclaimed gym nut, Agot works out a lot and admits that the gym is her happy place. She encourages everyone to make exercise a regular thing, especially as one ages. Don’t be afraid of lifting weights so that the body can burn calories even when resting!


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Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez


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Lifestyle personality, jewelry designer, and supermodel mom Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez is the icon of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP), which helped professionalize the local modeling industry. She was one of PMAP's first models and, for a time, became its president.  

Tweetie has been the face of numerous health endorsements, including a campaign for eating well, exercising and positivity. She has since established herself as a champion for a healthy lifestyle, even professing herself as an “endorphin junkie."

At 51, Tweetie is beautiful inside and out, crediting regular exercise, healthy eating, and being surrounded with loved ones for giving her that glow. Tweetie works out on average of four to five times a week, alternating cardio and strength training, plays squash and tennis, and sets goals for herself to stay motivated. Because she’s always on-the-go, Tweetie never leaves home without her sunblock, ever so diligent in protecting her skin from its harmful rays.

When it comes to diet, Tweetie has a healthy appetite and has her own cheat sheet of indulgences; but more often than not, she carries the same steadfast discipline of eating mostly veggies while limiting carbs and meat.


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Photos from @jigsmayuga (Cherie Gil), Jaja Samaniego (Crickette Tantoco), Metro Society (Zelda Kienle), Dix Perez (Agot Isidro), @garison898 (Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez), and Metro Society (Tessa Prieto-Valdes)