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#MetroStyleAgelessBeauties: Women In Their 40s Who Champion Self-Love


They say life begins at 40, and as these inspiring, active, and driven women live their best lives, we’re beginning to think there is truth to the statement! We continue our #MetroStyleAgelessBeauties campaign with #DawnZulueta, #AngelAquino, #CharleneGonzalezMuhlach, #InaRaymundo, and #AlexDixson—five women in their forties who have us coveting their best beauty secrets! Head to the link in our bio to read about these five amazing women, and keep following us here on @metrodotstyle as we continue revealing more of our ageless beauties! • Photo credit: Dawn Zulueta - via @dawnzulueta, hair @ayumanaog Angel Aquino - via @imangelaquino Charlene Gonzalez-Muhlach - via @itsmecharleneg, makeup @robbiepinera hair @hairbybrentsales Ina Raymundo - via @inaraymundo95, photo by @lalaflores16, makeup @lalaflores16 hair @rhoycervantes Alex Dixson - via @alicedixson, photo by @robbiepinera, makeup @robbiepinera hair @hairbybrentsales • #Beauty #AgelessBeauty #wellstyledlife #lifestyled #lifegoals #inspiredliving

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Continuing our list of #MetroStyleAgelessBeauties, these women in their 40s are as driven, if not more driven, to live their life to the fullest. Whether it's focusing on fitness, maintaining their beauty regimen, or just more family time, they show us that making time for yourself should be an essential part of your life at this point. Because nothing is more beautiful and inspiring than self-love. 


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Dawn Zulueta


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Whenever the topic of Filipino leading ladies is brought up, it’s impossible not to think of Dawn Zulueta. She's an iconic actress who first appeared on the silver screen in the early 90s.

Apart from her superb acting skills, one thing that makes Dawn remarkable is her timeless beauty and elegance. At 49, the mother of two looks young as ever, even landing an ambassadorship contract with an international beauty brand for its anti-aging skincare products.

On an episode in ABS-CBN’s morning show Umagang Kay Ganda, Dawn shared her three Ts to staying beautiful: Tulog, treatments (non-invasive), and of course, tubig. She makes sure to stay hydrated every hour, emphasizing that drinking water is essential to looking ageless.


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Ina Raymundo


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Ina Raymundo, 42, the woman in the iconic 1990s San Miguel commercial "Sabado Nights" has been a fitness inspiration throughout the decades. On Instagram, she keeps her followers updated and inspired with her active, healthy lifestyle, posting videos of her training at the gym.

Once in a while, she also shares snaps as she hikes the great outdoors. How does the actress, singer and model keep her body looking fit and fabulous? The mother of five shares that she tries to work out five times a week. Her routine includes Zumba, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), and TRX.

Meanwhile, she also revealed her secret to her covet-worthy, dewy skin: monthly trips to the derma for non-invasive laser facials, IPL (Intense Pulse Light Treatment), and of course, a thick, trusty moisturizer!


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Alice Dixson


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This actress and former beauty queen is proof that looking amazing knows no age! At 48, Alice Dixson looks young and sexy as ever—and she has her double tap-worthy Instagram photos as proof.

So how does Alice do 48 so well? By simply eating healthy and staying active. Her strict diet consists of plant-based food, even substituting rice for vegetables, eating more fiber than carbs. It is worth noting that working out is essential to achieving a gorgeous, toned body like hers—Alice believes that even 20 minutes of exercise can go a long way. According to her, the best time to work out is before going to work—it’s the perfect way to jumpstart your day!

Through the years, Alice has remained ageless—and for this, she has her dad to thank. In an Instagram post, she reveals that it was him who introduced her to a wide range of sports: Softball, skateboarding, basketball, gymnastics, sprint, volleyball, windsurfing, skydiving, badminton, and tennis. Talk about an active lifestyle!


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Charlene Gonzalez-Muhlach


At 19 years old, Charlene Gonzalez-Muhlach wowed the world with her beauty and wit. Asked how many islands there were in the Philippines, she boldly replied, “High tide or low tide?," leading to one of the most iconic answers in Miss Universe history.

More than two decades later, the award-winning talk show host, actress, and commercial model remains to be one of the most loved women in the industry.

Her beauty tip? Aside from eating healthy and exercising regularly, this mom of twins believes that starting a beauty regimen early will reap benefits. Women her age should focus on preventing skin sagging, especially around the neck and jawline. She shares that she combats aging by using products that tighten and lift the skin. Indeed, Charlene is a beauty to remember—whether at nineteen or at forty four!


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Angel Aquino


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Angel Aquino, with glowing, olive skin and a slim, toned body, is an iconic primetime actress—but don’t let her kontrabida roles fool you: In real life, she is sweet and outgoing. And it’s also hard to believe she’s already 45!

The mother of two shares that in order to look young and radiant, one must master the art of de-stressing. Her beauty must-haves are moisturizer and a trusty brow kit, but she also highlights how water does wonders for your skin.

Fashion also helps a woman look graceful and elegant—take it from her. At her age, she’s done with experimenting, opting to wear tried-and-testing silhouettes instead. (A fashion tip of hers to take note of is to stick to the basics and learn to accessorize.) To Angel, dressing up is not about following the trends—it’s all about knowing what flatters your body type the best. Now that can make one look ageless in an instant!


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