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#MetroStyleAgelessBeauties: Women In Their 60s Who Are Ultimate Life (And Beauty!) Pegs

When it comes to aging gracefully, these women are the ultimate life pegs; they teach us that reaching this phase in life is a true privilege, one that is earned with gratitude, positivity, acceptance and self-love. At 60, their priorities in life are clearer than ever: making every moment count by surrounding oneself with love and spreading it.

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Gloria Diaz


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As the first Filipina to be crowned Miss Universe, award-winning actress and TV personality Gloria Diaz has been an icon of beauty and wit since her victory, setting a high standard for many succeeding beauty queens. Through the years, her thriving career in showbiz has kept her within the spotlight, with plenty of interest in how she maintains her superstar charm.

Ever the candid personality, Gloria insists that a positive outlook and a simple yet active lifestyle are the true secrets to beauty. The simple things, like getting adequate sleep, eating right and exercising regularly, are the only strict regimens she abides by—that, and a dash of good humor, along with plenty of family time.


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Charo Santos-Concio


When Charo Santos-Concio did her first beauty ambassadorship in 2016, after retiring as president and CEO of ABS-CBN, she took advantage of that platform to remind women that age truly is just a number.

“I hope I’m able to inspire a lot of women to pursue their dreams, to continue enjoying life, [and] to continue facing your fears," she said, reminding everyone that life does not stop once you reach your 60s. Rather than be daunted by age, Charo believes in embracing the potential and wisdom that come with it. She notes, “Age and beauty are not really opposites, they’re good friends.”

Even as she’s living her “serene sixties," Charo continues her work as ABS-CBN Chief Content Officer, President of ABS-CBN University, an award-winning actress and bestselling author, proving to all women that the best is, indeed, yet to come with age.


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Margie Moran-Floirendo


When Margie Moran-Floirendo turned 60 years old in 2013, she was ecstatic. “Turning 60 is one of the most exciting things to experience because I feel confident," she says, seizing the opportunity to get into better shape. She’s had a penchant for dance since she was a teen, and ballet continued to be a passion and her fitness routine throughout her life. “At any age, we should workout to maintain our health, our bone density joints and muscle tone," writes Margie in an Instagram post that shows her taking adult ballet classes.

Since her victory in the 1973 Miss Universe pageant, Margie has assumed many leadership positions. From her civic efforts in Mindanao, to her role as President of Ballet Philippines, and as of 2018, the newly appointed Chairperson of the CCP, Margie remains to be in the spotlight, continuously motivating her to be in tip-top shape at all times.

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Vilma Santos


Looking at Vilma Santos, or Ate V as she is most adoringly called, it’s easy to forget that she’s turning 65 this year. Energetic, bubbly and fun as ever, Vilma maintains her youthful verve by focusing on simple joys in life, like her family, friends, and fans.

When asked what her beauty secret is, Vilma quickly responds, “When you’re happy inside, it will come out.” Of course, finding one’s inner happiness varies per person; for her, it’s knowing that she was able to be of service to others, having been Governor of Batangas and Mayor of Lipa city, while also bringing joy to many Filipinos as one of the most successful Filipino showbiz personalities of all times.

In order to be of service to others, Vilma knows that she needs to take care of herself first; she does so by having exercise regimens that include hiking, bowling, swimming and dancing. Occasionally, she indulges in a fun Zumba session, too! 

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