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#MetroStyleAgelessBeauties: Women Who Stay Youthful In Their 30s



We launch #MetroStyleAgelessBeauties with five women who continue to radiate youth in their 30s! #IzaCalzado, #MarianRivera, #JodiStaMaria, #MaricarReyesPoon, and #BiancaGonzalez inspire us with the way they have embraced body love, made it a point to keep an active lifestyle both mentally and physically, and the way they celebrate the skin they were born in. Head to the link in our bio to read about these five amazing women, and keep following us here on @metrodotstyle as we continue revealing more of our ageless beauties! • Photo credit: Jodi Sta. Maria via @jodistamaria - makeup @tingduque hair @ariesmanal_hair Iza Calzado via @izacalzado - makeup @mayesadelossantos hair @ariesmanal_hair Marian Rivera via @marianrivera - photo by @edwarddc99 makeup @bambbifuentes hair @viennueva Maricar Reyes-Poon via @winnramos - makeup @avrilseguin hair @winnramos Bianca Gonzalez via @iamsuperbianca - makeup @rbchanco hair @angeljamelarin03 • #Beauty #AgelessBeauty #wellstyledlife #lifestyled #lifegoals #inspiredliving

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These women in their 30s embody what it means to be beautiful inside and out. All stunning in their own ways, they make us look up to them even more with their positive aura and how they take charge of their lives. Their perspective and approach to life are inspiring, and the way they influence others to do good and feel good about themselves is the very thing that keeps them timelessly beautiful.



Jodi Sta. Maria


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Jodi Sta. Maria recently turned 36, but she seems to be defying age with a youthfulness glowing from within. Her secret: A more active lifestyle, not just in terms of physical health, but also with her mental and personal well-being.

Alongside her thriving showbiz career, Jodi is now pursuing a Psychology degree, saying that she has always dreamt of finishing school. She's reaping the fruits of her hard work now; in January, she was recognized as a Dean's Lister in her school, and early this month, she was awarded yet again for being the Top 1 in her course.

Jodi has also kept a regular workout regimen by going to the gym more often, and doing yoga. She has also started showing off her glowing tan and her sculpted body through her various travels with her son, Thirdy. She says, in an Instagram post, that leading a more active lifestyle has helped her become not only physically beautiful, but emotionally and psychologically healthier.


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Iza Calzado


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Iza Calzado has gone through so much in terms of finding herself and coming into terms with her body. She has revealed many times that she was an obese child, and then later an anorexic teenager who even succumbed to diet pills, cosmetic surgeries, and crash diets to achieve what she thought was the perfect body.

But today, she is more confident with and happier about herself. In an Instagram post, she tells her body, “You are enough. I promise to try my very best to love you, respect you, honor you, and celebrate you every single moment. I love you.”

The thurst of Iza's advocacy is on loving yourself and being happy with what you have and don't have. She vows to eat healthier, be more active, and fill herself with love and happiness. And she's beautifully radiant, with or without makeup, in whatever outfit she chooses to wear, and most especially when she is in the company of her fiancé, entrepreneur Ben Wintle.


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Marian Rivera-Dantes


Marian Rivera has always been an icon of beauty in local showbiz. She has graced many billboards, commercials ads, soap operas, movies, as well as multiple fashion and beauty editorials. While losing weight after childbirth can be challenging, after giving birth to their daughter Zia, Marian showed that having the love and support of her family is all the motivation she needs to keep herself in tiptop shape.

Marian, who turned 34 last August 12, says that she has become inspired to work out, not to achieve or maintain a sexy figure, but to keep herself fit and able to fulfil her responsibilities as a mother and a wife. According to her trainer, Coach Antonio Sietereales, Marian's training usually consists of an hour of CrossFit training, four to five times a week. Now, it's about eating well and exercising enough to be strong literally and figuratively; looking good is just a bonus.


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Bianca Gonzalez-Intal


Maintaining a healthy and strong body could be a pressure for a woman when she’s married to a professional athlete. But for Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, staying fit and fab is a breeze because she has always led an active lifestyle. Plus, as they say, the couple who does Pilates together, stays fit together!

She's currently pregnant with their second child, so she sticks to her pre-natal Pilates stretches to prepare her body for giving birth again. Apart from keeping her model bod, Bianca is also one of the most beautiful and powerful morenas in the industry, and her love for her skin shows in the way she carries herself.

In a series of tweets last year, Bianca encouraged her fellow morenas to be proud of their skin. “I'm just all for celebrating the natural skin tone you're born in, fair or dark...It's nice to have more morenas show fellow morenas that they're proud of their skin.”


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Maricar Reyes-Poon


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Maricar Reyes-Poon has just turned 37 years old, but she looks even younger with her stylishly chopped hair—a bold decision she made just before ushering 2017. The revolutionary change in her hairstyle not only brought so much youth and edge to the actress, but also changed the way she carried and projected herself on camera and even in person. 

As a the successful entrepreneur behind Chocoliquor cakes, and wife to crooner Richard Poon (whose family also owns a restaurant), it's amazing how Maricar maintains her physique. Although she never really talks much about her fitness routines or beauty rituals, there's no doubt that she's taking care of her body well enough to be able to maintain her youthful glow.

This can be credited to how inspired she is now, thanks to her successful acting career, booming baking business, and her loving and supportive relationship with Richard, with whom she co-authored a book titled 10 Things We Fight About under ABS-CBN Publishing.


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