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WATCH: Real Talk About Love, Dating, And Body Shaming With Cherie Gil


When asked about how a woman should embrace change, Cherie Gil's answer is something you won't quite expect to hear from her: "YOLO!" At 55, she is living her life to the fullest and making the most of every moment. Her positive outlook in life is so contagious, and it makes you realize that no beauty regimen can match the beautiful effect inner happiness can have on one's aura.

Below, in this exclusive interview with Metro.Style, Cherie will inspire you with her take on fashion, beauty, life, and happiness:


Who were your fashion icons growing up?

My mom at the time was typical of a movie star in the golden era. They were taught to dress up really impeccably even if they went out just to the grocery. They were not allowed to go out sloppily dressed. They were not allowed to go out with slippers. Up to this day, she carried that habit. That everything matches, from her shoes to her bag, so my mom has been my fashion icon.

At the time, when I was growing up as well, social media didn’t exist. We were really not exposed much to anything Western or anything out internationally, so we were very much into the local designers. My mom knew them all, so she dressed up a lot in their clothes.


What’s the one thing that never changes in women?

There will always be change, sweetheart. Expect many for yourself. There’s always one thing constant in life and that’s change. Spontaneity is key.


How should a woman embrace change?

Welcome it. Finally, for me, life is all about taking it all in. YOLO. And you just have to make the most of every moment. Embrace it, carry yourself with grace and confidence, and believe in yourself. Because, other than yourself, who else will? I think if your faith is stronger than your fear, your dreams can be achieved. Sometimes you don’t get all that you want but it’s always good to go for what you want—as long as you don’t hurt anyone.


Complete the sentence. I am...

...freer, wiser, more aware now.


What is the greatest lesson you've learned in life?

To be free of being held down by other people’s opinion of you. Just enjoy it. For as long as you continue to want to love, loving everything, then life becomes great. And in life, I think it’s also about having someone to love, something to do, and having a purpose. I’ve always had a purpose. I’m not a perfect human being but I always try to make my experiences for the best of everyone involved in my life and for myself to be the most true to myself.




In this video below, Cherie answered some netizens' questions about love, dating, and body shaming:




"Life is about having someone to love, something to do, and having a purpose."—Cherie Gil



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