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WATCH: Love Marie’s Latest Exhibit Reveals She’s Ready For Motherhood


I step inside the gallery, and catch a glimpse of her silhouette floating from one vine-covered wall to another. In floral stilettos, she is beautiful, graceful, and certain. She’s even more gorgeous in real life, I tell myself, a living, breathing Aphrodite walking in her garden. The star of the night beckons us to come over. “Hello!” she smiles—introducing herself to us, though she really doesn’t need to. Everyone knows exactly who she is.

She is Heart Evangelista-Escudero, the woman on television, the flawless beauty with the ability to exude grace and quiet confidence in every situation. 

But tonight, she isn’t Heart, the actress. No, she isn’t the iconic brave woman who resurrected Panday. And she isn’t the lady we see gracing the most important red carpet events in the country, either. Nor is she the face we gaze up to along EDSA during rush hour.

Tonight, she is Love Marie, the visual artist. 


Photo: Paperlens Photography


A Visual Diary

Contrary to people’s expectations of the top celebrities in this industry, Love Marie is a very private person who found refuge and escape in art. “People see me on Instagram and on television, but I really just like staying at home to paint. [My art] represents who I really am, and that’s exactly why I wanted to put my real name [on my works]. I wanted this to be very different from me as an artista, because this is me in real life. For me, painting is like writing on a diary—there’s no judgment.”

And indeed, her art is her own visual diary: raw, personal, and real. Juggling long hours of work and family with passion, Love Marie’s latest collection took her two years to finish. “I started this in 2016, in between work and the 2016 national election. It was pretty hectic. But I decided to take my time and enjoy the process.” 


Photo: Hershey Neri


In Full Bloom, the artist’s fifth collection, is more than the sum of its parts. The impressive 20-piece exhibit is an open diary, a special collection that holds a personal message about her femininity. “I feel that I’m about to enter a chapter in my life where I am preparing to be a mother. As a woman, I feel that I am now whole, and this exhibit expresses that emotion.”

Motherhood is a journey that took Love Marie some time to prepare for. “I was always moving it. I thought that when I get married, I would get pregnant right away—but then I had work the next year. I also had so much other things, and I felt that certain opportunities wouldn’t really knock all the time. I knew I had to pursue certain dreams and finish certain contracts. But now, I’m ready. We’re trying. Let’s see.”


Photo: Paperlens Photography


Love Marie, the Artist

Before becoming an actress, a social media influencer, and a fashion icon, Love Marie was an artist first. “I used to paint ever since I was a little girl. I think that was my first career. Then, I wanted to become a vet, and then an ice skater, and then an artista. But I was always an artist first.” 

Visitors begin to fill up the room, but Love Marie stares into a distance, caught up in nostalgia. She begins a story: growing up in San Francisco, she would always go to the Academy of Arts to have her photo taken. “It was my dream to study there. It was my dream to become an artist.”

After a hiatus, she resumed pursuing her passion for the art in 2013. Since then, she’s found a signature style that is remarkably, truly her. “I like my paintings colorful. I also like intricate details, and I like painting a lot of ladies. I would say some paintings are sad, but that’s how life is—it’s not always happy. But the bright colors could express me being hopeful and positive about the situation.”


Three Nymphs on the Flower Moon by Love Marie

Photo: Hershey Neri


Love Marie plays no favorites: she loves all her paintings, simply because a part of her is found in every piece. “It took me a really long time to paint each one. I poured my heart out in every painting, so it feels different for each one—but I love them all.” There is, however, one special piece that she’s determined to keep to herself: a 78 x 42 oil painting of a garden, an explosion of colors. “A lot of people like it, but it’s not for sale because it’s for me. My house looks empty without it.”


Color Chaos by Love Marie, her favorite "In Full Bloom" piece

Photo: Hershey Neri


Art and Fashion

Ultimately, Love Marie and Heart are not too different from each other. After all, they share the same passions: art, travel, and fashion, mixing these to create beauty for all to see. “Fashion influences me with my paintings. The colors, the details… fashion week always presses a certain button. Simply because I think fashion is art.”

Heart’s companion interrupts her musings.The program is about to start. We exchange smiles and thank yous, and off goes Love Marie—the artist, the actress, the woman—to welcome visitors to share in her art, her dream, her story.


Photo: Hershey Neri


Photos and video by Paperlens Photography