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10 Best Meghan Markle Social Media Moments We’ll Surely Miss

There definitely is a lot of glamour that comes with becoming a royal. But it doesn’t come without expense, too! Now that Meghan Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry is just a few months away, the former Suits actress is fully embracing her royal status by making it "Instagram-official." How? By deleting all her social media accounts last Tuesday.

It is known that no member of the Royal Family owns a personal account. The palace takes care of all the official photos released to public, managed by their communications staff. So as we bid adieu to Meghan’s inspirational posts, her sharing her personal life to her followers will surely be missed.

So, in light of this news, we take a look back on our favorite social media posts from Prince Harry’s soon-to-be wife—her dogs, her fab outfits, and her encounters with notable personalities.


1. Meghan’s selfies

Her beauty is timeless. At 36, she looks elegant and graceful even before her romance with Prince Harry was revealed. She exudes a regal aura fit for a royal. Whether it's a close-up or a whole body picture in the most random places, she sure knows the angles and spots to take the best photos of herself.





2. Pieces of advice

The actress is known for always sharing food for thought on Instagram. Her account has, in fact, become a go-to for quotes that instantly lift the spirits—whether it’s a constant reminder of your self-worth or a phrase to boost your mood, Meghan posted them to spread positivity to her followers.








3. Hints of romance

Before officially announcing her relationship with Prince Harry to the world, the bride-to-be would post hints of a budding romance. That bracelet Prince Harry was spotted wearing back in 2016? Well, it found its new place on Meghan’s wrist. Sweet!






4. Of course, her dogs!

Meghan loves these furry, cuddly babies. She would  often take snaps of her beloved dogs, and we can’t blame her for loving such cuteness overload!




5. Passion for the arts

She posted photos of artsy pieces of her choice—like this figure study watercolor work by New York-based artist and illustrator Inslee Fariss.



6. Encounters with world leaders

She isn’t just appealing to the royals, but to world leaders as well! These encounters with former US president Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—we’re totally envious of!




7. What Meghan loves

From beauty products to self-bought flowers, Meghan would share on social media the things she loves.




8. Her OOTDs!

You won’t catch her in a fashion emergency—Meghan is a style icon with her classy, minimalist looks, which she would frequently document via her countless snaps.






9. Her loved ones

She would post pictures of people close to her, too—old and new friends, her gal pals’ little ones, and her family!




10. Her travel photos

The actress is known for traveling a lot, so it's sad that we won't be seeing her adventures from now on. 






Photo from @KensingtonRoyal (thumbnail and cover photo)