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10 Things To Love About Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, And Their MayWard Love Team


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The rise to fame of Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 alums Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber is absolutely phenomenal. Ever since these housemates returned to the "outside world" last March 5, 2017, they have been working non-stop. Their meteoric rise to showbiz prominence cannot be helped. Now, they are among today's most sought-after and in-demand young stars. What they have achieved in just about a year since joining showbiz is truly impressive.

If you're curious as to why Maymay and Edward are famous and why MayWard is one of the hottest love teams in local showbiz today, here are some of the reasons why: 



1. Maymay is a beautiful and multitalented young woman with a wacky personality that’s extremely likable. Maymay was dubbed as the “Wacky-Go-Lucky ng CDO” on PBB. With her fun, easy-going, go-getting, and relatable character, it was not difficult for her fellow housemates and, eventually, the Filipino audience to like her. This once-aspiring artista, who was inspired to become a celebrity upon seeing Barbie Hsu aka Shan Cai on Taiwanese series Meteor Garden, is talented in singing, songwriting, dancing, and acting.


2. Edward is a handsome and charming young man with a knack for acting. Known as the “Cheerful Charmer ng Germany,” Edward was an ordinary student until he auditioned for PBB and found himself right in the center of the limelight. “Honestly, I was expecting to get evicted during the first week,” he revealed. But as it turned out, he didn’t get nominated for eviction at all. Edward realized his love for acting in school, where he would join extra-curricular activities. Interestingly, he’s also into writing, and would love to get back to work on writing some stories once his schedule frees up a bit.


3. Together, Maymay and Edward make a wacky and charming couple that always sends some feel-good vibes to their followers as well as the people they meet. If there’s anything that can be easily noticed with MayWard, it’s that they’re always laughing and having fun. “Seryoso s’ya pero ’pag naging baliw ka, sasabayan n’ya ’yung trip mo,” Maymay says of Edward. Despite their hectic lifestyle, together, they find ways to enjoy each and every project they’re doing. They don’t mind putting on wacky faces and simply getting real and candid, and that overall positive feel makes them a cool love team that has the power to brighten up people’s day.   


4. While they’re in a love team, they make sure to grow individually as well and be of good influence to one another. They may be part of the MayWard love team, but it doesn’t mean they should be boxed into that mold. There are also opportunities for them to hone each of their talents, and they support each other with whatever the other is set on doing.

“We’re trying to get better with workshops, with acting and dancing. Maymay might do voice lessons, me, Tagalog. We just try to be more well-rounded in every aspect of our craft so the next time we have, if ever there’s a new project, we wanna be better than the last one,” Edward said.

“Maymay is good at some things, I’m better at some things. Most things, she’s better in terms of, like, performing. But we even each other out, so whatever she’s not good at, I can help her with. She was like my private coach for ASAP. She really helped me with dancing. I had no confidence in dancing.”    


5. Maymay and Edward balance each other out and keep each other in check. They say opposites attract—well, Maymay and Edward are not exactly opposites but they have different personalities that when they come together, they bring out the best in each other.

More importantly, they keep each other grounded. They make sure that popularity hasn't gotten to their heads. Maymay, for example, makes sure they don’t lose sight of the true Maymay and Edward that people have come to love. “Nu’ng PBB pa lang, nagustuhan nila kami kung sino kami kaya paglabas namin, mas gugustuhin namin na mag-stay sa kung sino kami kesa magbago kami,” she said.

He, on the other hand, said, “I guess, we’re both aware of [our popularity], but we don’t like dwelling on it because when you really think about it, ‘Oh, I have a big fan base,’ that’s the time you start thinking na mas magaling ka sa iba o mas importante ka sa iba, but that’s not true.”



6. MayWard’s chemistry is so natural and effortless, and that makes them fun to watch and follow. “For a love team to work, dapat organic talaga ’yung chemistry, meaning, hindi siya p’wedeng pilit eh. Parang there’s tension, andu’n ’yung parang gugustuhin ng tao maging sila but not necessarily sila na kasi nga may spark sa mata. May chemistry. ’Pag nagtitigan sila, parang you get this certain feeling of happiness, kinikilig ka. With MayWard, it’s that innocent kilig,” Pinoy Big Brother creative director Marcus Vinuya shared in an interview with StarStudio.


7. They are driven, passionate, and hard working. Sure, they’ve been getting all these projects left and right, but complacency is definitely something they don’t want to entertain.

“I think one of my biggest strengths and my biggest weakness—and Maymay and I both have this—is our standards are way too high for ourselves. So every time I do a dance on ASAP, and Maymay says ‘You got better,’ I still don’t think it’s good enough yet. It’s a blessing and a curse because it pushes us to get better and we push each other to get better,” Edward said. “We both think that even if 1,000 fans said, ‘Edward you’re amazing,’ if one director says you’re not okay, you’re not good enough yet, that’s the one thing I’ll focus on. So I guess what everyone can expect from us is we’ll work harder every time.”


8. They love their fans, so their fans love them back. Maymay and Edward have some of the most supportive fans. And they know this, so whenever they do shows for them, they make sure they give their 100% percent in order to entertain them the best way possible.

Maymay shared, “Kasi nasa reality show kami eh, paglabas namin, wala kaming kaalam-alam sa showbiz, sa industriyang ito, as in zero talaga. Hala, okay, ’yung fans, totoo pala, talagang may hahabol sa’yo, may sumusunod sa’yo, may magpapa-picture sa’yo. Syempre, nabigla kami, ngayon hindi naman sa alam ko na marami sila, pero ’yung parati ko silang nakikita, sapat na sa’kin ’yun para sabihin kong salamat sa kanila sa suporta na binibigay nila sa’kin at sa’min.


9. They genuinely like each other. Chemistry is something that is hard to fake. And because Maymay and Edward consider each other good friends and trustworthy partners, their love and appreciation for each other result to an undeniably good chemistry that translates whether on- or off-cam.

“As in mag-best friend kami, ’yung totoong kaibigan. Close kami, wala kaming tinatago sa isa’t-isa. Sinasabi ko lahat kay Edward,” Maymay said.


10. They are grateful for how far they’ve come, and are using their celebrity status positively. And because they are grateful, they know that showbiz is not forever and not a lot of people are given the opportunities they were given, and that makes them want to work harder and treasure their jobs more. That makes them want to keep MayWard stronger and stronger.

Last December, Maymay and Edward with his sister Laura launched the ELM Tree Foundation, which is aimed at helping children who don’t have easy access to education, shelter, and protection.

Of this foundation named after the three of them, Edward explained, “It’s our goal to help other existing charities. Because we’re very new, we can’t exactly fund our own projects and initiatives yet but we would like to bring awareness to other people. We’re in the public eye, so might as well bring something that people can see that might make a difference.”







Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz and Judy Arias

Photography by Dookie Ducay

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz and Raff Colmenar

Makeup by Eman de Leon

Hairstyling by Jaymar Lahaylahay

Styling by Team Rain x Em

Shot at Zoomburst Studios

Props from SaSo Greenhouse Design Studio

Special thanks to Love Capulong of Star Magic