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10 Things We Love About “The Crawl Spain” Host Nico Bolzico

We’ve always known Nico Bolzico as the loving and fun husband to Solenn Heussaff. But more than that, he’s got his own charm going on. From his #ManOfTheHouse series to the most random and funny hashtags on Instagram, we scour the best things we love about this quirky and sexy man.


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We love how he loves Patato

Okay, so who is Patato, you ask? Patato is Nico and Solenn’s adorable Redfoot tortoise, who has his own home clinic as a shrink. His only patient, however, is Nico. According to Nico, Patato is addicted to apples, he loves Rihanna, and dreams to be a ninja.

Patato also helps Nico with his workouts.





We love his bromance with Erwan

In a taken-out-of-context caption, Nico says about his friendship with Erwan: “He is always there when I need a hand, and I am always there when he needs a chin.” That practically sums up their bro-ship.



We’ll try not to spill about the real deal between Erwan and Nico, and we’ll leave it to you guys to decide.




We love his bro-ship with these bigger bros

So you think you’re fangirling over Nico? Wait ’til you see him fanboy over Chris Hemsworth that he almost gave his wife away!



His caption on him and Solenn posing with Chris at the Hugo Boss event at Marina Bay Sands: “I think I found my first man crush! He is manly, muscular, funny and charming! All I want in a man! I really think we had a moment that was automatically ruined by my wife being there also!”



Oh, and did we forget to mention he did try to get James Marsden to star as Cyclops in his new movie as Bolzerine?




We love how he supports Solenn’s art



It shows how Nico is very supportive of everything Solenn does, especially her art. During the launch of Solenn’s Kalsada exhibit, he writes, “Bebe! I am so proud of you, what you created with #kalsada was incredible. You touched so many people in so many levels, your talents never stop to amaze me, when I thought I saw it all ... BOOOM! You created this together with Kaeden! My big concern here is that you keep showing what a special human being you are and I am running out of jokes (my only real talent!), I am a one Trick Pony! So I will make you sign a document that lawyers call the 'Divorce Prohibition Because of Couple Talent Gap', meaning that if in a few years you realize that you are awesome and I am average, you cannot get a divorce! I hope our babies (not soon!) get everything from you, except for the humour, because we all know you try hard to be funny but it is not really happening!”

Also, yes, we love this shot of Nico trying to look like he’s actually doing some art. He reveals he’s just “removing the dust from Solenn's painting, she forced me!”




We love his #BulliedHusbandsClubTips

When you’re married to a #Wifezilla, there are some key tips and things you must never forget to keep your woman. One of Nico’s #BulliedHusbandsClubTips, “The speed at what your wifezilla answers ‘Nothing’ when you ask ‘What's wrong,’ it is directly proportional to the severity of the s*** storm that it is coming.”



We love their #sosbolz moments

Although Nico is always teasing his #Wifezilla, there’s nothing more precious than these beautiful—and sometimes funny—#sosbolz moments. Wherever they are, whether for a trip or just chilling at home, the couple really makes one heck of a team.



He captions this photo: “Titanic Reversed! Because husbands also deserve to be held.”



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We love his body…of course

Need we say more? We’ll let the pictures do the talking.




We love his selfie game

If you’re running out of poses and concepts for your selfies, take some cues from Nico! His advice for taking gym selfies:



1. Find the right lighting.

2. Strike a pose.

3. Make the mirror your best friend.

4. Pout.

5. Look at your phone like nothing is going on.

6. Find your angle, don't make your face too long so you don't look like a horse (failed on this one).

7. Stomach in.

8. Flex every single muscle.

9. Put all the filters at 100%.

10. Do not lose ALL your pagkalalaki.

When posing by the pool, rinse and repeat steps 8 to 10.




We love his agribusiness venture

On a more serious note, we also love that Nico’s business has a good mission.

Nico started his agribusiness LM10 corporation in 2010, with the goal of cultivating and building opportunities in the agriculture industry in the Philippines. LM10 is trying to provide sustainable livelihood for farmers, promote biodiversity and good environmental-friendly practices, and introduce new techniques and innovations to the industry.

Under LM10 are four sister companies who specialize in the different parts of the farm-to-customer process: Genex Biotech Group, Advanced Protein, Vienovo, and Precision Agriculture.

He also reveals that he named his company after his ultimate idol, Lionel Messi.




We love his fun and quirky spirit

Nico Bolzico, hands-down, is one of the funniest and makulit guys you’ll ever know. It shows in his IG posts, in person, and in his rapport with his friends and his wife. Can’t get enough of his charm? Catch more of him on The Crawl Spain, where he goes full-on crazy with his fellow hosts, restaurateur Dani Aliaga and Sexy Chef Willy Trullas.



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Catch The Crawl Spain with Dani, Nico, and Chef Willy on September 1, Saturday, 8 p.m. on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD. If you miss it, you can also watch the episode on Metro.Style's YouTube.


Photos from @nicobolzico