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11 Quotable Quotes That Show Why We Love Richard Gomez And Why You Should, Too: A Father's Day Tribute


While Richard Gomez has played the starring role in many a film and series, he's truly only one girl's leading man—his daughter's, Juliana.


EXCLUSIVE: The Legacy Of Fatherhood—Richard And Juliana Gomez On Metro.Style's Father's Day Special Cover



#RichardGomez (@richardgomezinstagram) plays many roles. He’s an accomplished actor, a decorated athlete, a trendsetting model, Ormoc City’s respected mayor, and an emerging artist, but the role he holds most closely to his heart is that of being a loving father to his daughter, Juliana (@gomezjuliana). This #FathersDay, Richard opens up about the joys of fatherhood and getting to know his daughter, and Juliana lets us in on why she’ll be her dad’s number one fan for life, unconditionally. Link in our bio for the full digital cover story! • Produced by @gracelibero and @_judyarias?Photography by @charismalico?Creative direction by @theonlychookiecruz?Makeup by @robbiepinera?Hairstyling by @jayweehair?Styling by @stylizedstudio?Writer: @saraloopdeloop?Shot on location at @benchcafeph?Special thanks to @piacampos and @renzjoshuaesguerra of @wtalentmanagement; @tessg28, @darwinmorfe and @bcbench of #BenchCafe • #People #RichardAndJulianaOnMetroDotStyle #HappyFathersDay #JulianaGomez #wellstyledlife #lifestyled #lifegoals #inspiredliving

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In Photos: Go Behind The Scenes At Richard And Juliana Gomez's Exclusive Father's Day Photo Shoot


This Father's Day, the silver screen hero is on Metro.Style's cover alongside Juliana, where the two exude easy elegance and warmth, and most importantly, showcase their unbreakable father-daughter bond.

As a devoted father to his one and only princess, Richard is quick to tell the world about all the reasons why he adores her—and there are many! Like him, Juliana is determined yet grounded, disciplined yet easygoing, a real woman of class yet able to enjoy the simple joys in life which, almost always, mean being in the company of family wherever, whenever.



Everyday is #FathersDay with this father-daughter pair! We bring you our second digital cover with #RichardGomez (@richardgomezinstagram) and #JulianaGomez (@gomezjuliana). “He’s the wisest guy I know; that’s always at the back of my mind,” Juliana says about her dad. “Everything I do in life, I ask, ‘What would Richard do?’ WWRD?’ Because I really look up to him! He’s my role model,” she quips. Read the full story at the link in our bio! • Produced by @gracelibero and @_judyarias?Photography by @charismalico?Creative direction by @theonlychookiecruz?Makeup by @robbiepinera?Hairstyling by @jayweehair?Styling by @stylizedstudio?Writer: @saraloopdeloop?Shot on location at @benchcafeph?Special thanks to @piacampos and @renzjoshuaesguerra of @wtalentmanagement; @tessg28, @darwinmorfe and @bcbench of #BenchCafe • #People #RichardAndJulianaOnMetroDotStyle #HappyFathersDay #JulianaGomez #wellstyledlife #lifestyled #lifegoals #inspiredliving

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WATCH: Juliana Gomez Gives Tribute To Her Dad, Richard, In This Behind The Scenes Video From Their Metro.Style Cover Shoot


We at Metro.Style train the spotlight on this super dad who raised Juliana to be the way she is, passing on his plethora of values, principles, and morals in what he describes to be his legacy of fatherhood.

Recognizing the irreplaceable role of fathers in our lives, as well as the joint struggles and accomplishments of being an awesome dad, we pay tribute to Richard Gomez by listing down all the things we love about this actor, athlete, model, artist, political figure, and parental role model.


1. Like most dads, Richard is protective and cautious, yet recognizes Juliana's need for independence. He acknowledges the limits of strictness and advises other dads raising girls (and sons, too!) to heed the same. The technique is to be the voice of maturity who helps Juliana realize the outcomes of her choices, then allowing her to make her own well-informed decisions.


"Most dads can be very protective. You should be, but only up to a certain extent. You can’t push it too much. I’m strict, but there are boundaries too, otherwise, they might rebel or run away." - Richard 


2. He's figured out work-life balance, for the most part. Sustaining his career as an actor and mayor while also being available for his daughter and wife, Richard has also learned to allot time for himself. It's not only physically, emotionally, and mentally reinvigorating, but it also helped open up Richard to one of his life's growing passions: painting.


"When I wake up early in the morning, when everyone’s still asleep and nothing is moving in the house yet, I paint. Or, if I can’t sleep at night in Ormoc and I want to relax, I go downstairs at 1 or 2 a.m. and I paint. I have a set of paints and brushes, and canvases. I do a lot of abstract, then I feel better, more relaxed." - Richard 


3. Richard equates free time with family time. Every chance he gets to spend with his family away from the limelight, he unhesitatingly takes. Traveling, in particular, is their ultimate family bonding activity.


"I became mayor in 2016, so these past two years, I haven’t been spending much time with Juliana. I just see her on weekends and when we travel together. I miss her so much!" - Richard 



i love you always, dad ?? happy father’s day!

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4. He sees his youth mirrored in Juliana. As an only child, Juliana has carved a special place in her heart for her friends. Richard, on the other hand, grew up without a close-knit family under the guidance of his grandmother, and also values friendships deeply.


"I always tell her to take care of her friends. At the end of the day, it should always be friends and family. My parents, they separated early when I was young and I stayed with my lola. When I was growing up, I was really with my friends, so I really value that." - Richard 


5. Although Juliana comes from one of the country’s most high-profile families, Richard and his wife Rep. Lucy Torres taught her to remain humble and level-headed.


"They never made me feel like they were part of the big world of show business, so I needed to be or act a certain way. They just let me be my own person. I never thought of it as a big deal. I think they raised me well enough for me to know what I should and shouldn’t do." - Juliana


6. When it comes to academics and extra-curricular activities, Richard is encouraging and supportive, but never demanding or intimidating. Although he has accomplished much in life, he doesn’t pressure Juliana to be or achieve anything she doesn’t want to.


"My dad doesn’t pressure me, but I do well for him because I want to make him happy!" - Juliana 



Together for a Fathers Day shoot.

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7. Richard equates his most heartwarming—or heartbreaking—moments with Juliana’s own happiness or struggles.


"When you see them smile, when you see them laugh. What’s heartbreak is when you see them cry, and when they’re frustrated and when you can’t do so much. What’s heartwarming is when you help them and they’re able to do the things that they want to accomplish." - Richard 


8. His home is open to Juliana’s circle of friends so he and Lucy can get to know them better, and at the same time, show Juliana that they know how important friendships are to her. Boys, on the other hand, have to wait a few more years! Even when it comes to this, Richard still manages to instill discipline in his daughter.


"If she has visitors at home, they can only stay up to 11 or 12. They also can’t meet outside in the park or on street; they have to come inside the house. Her friends, classmates or teammates come to the house and I meet them, or have dinner with us." - Richard 


9. Professionally speaking—and amidst familial responsibilities—Richard’s biggest accomplishment to date is helping Ormoc City, Leyte rid itself of its drug-related issues.


"When I became mayor, Ormoc was tagged as the drug capital of Eastern Visayas, so I was really faced with that problem. Narco-politics was really in the system. That was my priority. When I won, that’s really what I worked on first. After one year, we were one of the first cities to be declared as drug-free. Last month, it also came out that Ormoc is the safest city in the Philippines." - Richard 



10. Self-management is inherent in Richard, and it’s something Juliana has picked up from him.


"What helps me is strict time management. Even when I was in school, I was strict with time. I was in school, and also an artista, and [an athlete] on the national team. It was crazy! Discipline is very important. You cannot do things without discipline, especially in the line of work that I do." - Richard 


11. Even after being married for two decades and spending 17 years of that time getting to know Juliana, he’s still excited about discovering new things about his daughter, wife, married life, and fatherhood—these discoveries he makes when they travel as a family, or when he and Lucy go on special date nights. 


"Every day is still a learning day." - Richard 





Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz and Judy Arias

Photography by Charisma Lico

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz

Makeup by Robbie Piñera

Hairstyling by Jay Wee

Styling by StyLIZed

Shot on location at Bench Café - 2nd level, Bench Boutique, 9th St. Lane O, BGC, Taguig

Special thanks to Pia Campos and Renz Esguerra both from W Talent Management; Tess Gutierrez, Darwin Morfe, and Ben Chan of Bench Café