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11 Reasons Why We Think Miley and Liam Should Move To Byron Bay, Australia

The sky may be bluer in Malibu, but Byron Bay's irresistible charms might just prove to be more inviting for celebrity couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.



My little angel and I.

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The engaged couple, who rekindled their romance in 2016, has been spotted all around the laid-back New South Wales destination for the past couple of weeks. 25-year-old Miley flew to Byron Bay late last year to ring in the New Year with Liam and his family then celebrated his 28th birthday on January 13.

Amidst rumors of a secret marriage that supposedly took place last week (which neither of two have confirmed nor denied), the two have been taking a break from their busy careers and simply enjoying the sights and sounds of the sunny beach town together. Overall, spending downtime at the beach seems like it's had a positive impact on their relationship!



Happiest birthday to my very best friend on the entire planet! I ?? u!

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For these world-famous stars, life in the bright LA spotlight might be something they're used to, but do you think that their two-week long Australian vacation has convinced them that Byron Bay should be their new permanent home?

We sure hope so!

If you aren't convinced, I'm sure our 11 reasons for why Miley and Liam should make the permanent move to the Land Down Under can change your mind:



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1. Liam's older brother, Chris, permanently moved to Byron Bay with his wife Elsa Pataky in 2014. Liam and Miley would be near family if they moved, too!


2. Miley has great relationships with the Hemsworths, who are all based in Australia. Even during the tougher times of her relationship with Liam, the Wrecking Ball singer had always maintained close ties with Liam's mom. The two even spend time together on their own.



New Pictures of the Hemsworth-Ladies at @spell_byronbay ????‍??

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3. When Chris and Elsa are out of their house and Miley is in town, she plays babysitter to their three kids! They love her. Think of the children!


4. Miley and Elsa, Chris' wife, are great friends. They've shopped, worked out, and dined together on several occasions. Miley is pretty much already part of the family. 


5. Byron Bay is relatively paparazzi-free. Whatever she and Liam do and wherever they choose to go, they'll feel like a normal couple doing normal couple things, sans the trailing photographers.



6. Just like the town itself, Byron Bay's residents are laid-back. Even with their celebrity status, Miley and Liam get to do their own thing, thanks to a respectful community that treats them like they're regular, friendly neighbors. It's a breath of fresh air, given their past of a highly exposed relationship.


7. Byron Bay is full of awesome surf spots and modern sports facilities—perfect for Liam who loves an active lifestyle and outdoor recreational activities. He has to keep those abs in check, somehow.



8. Miley has admitted that she's gradually moving away from her "extreme" style (read: licking teddy bears onstage, wild red carpet outfits, twerking), and moving towards something more subdued. Byron Bay is the place for her, if a change of pace, overall, is what she's looking for.


9. With its sprawling parks and calm beaches, Byron Bay is a kid-friendly town. It's ideal for young couples wanting to take root in a place that's conducive to raising a family.



Epic weekend with these little legends

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10. The Hemsworths are great friends with Matt Damon and his family. The Damons are regular guests at Chris' million-dollar home. If Miley moves to Byron Bay, she and the Damons could strike up a friendship, too! Who would say no to that?


11. Byron Bay is a very special place for Liam and Miley. After a turbulent breakup in 2013, it was in this beach town that the two patched things up, three years later. Don't you think it's only right that this is where they spend their forever in?



You can't deny it; for Liam and Miley, Byron Bay is the place to be!