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12 Quotable Quotes We Love From Hyun Bin

He says, "[Happiness] is something you can find with a little tweak of your thoughts or in the smallest things in life"

Korean superstar and Metro.Style cover star Hyun Bin melts our hearts in more ways than one. We love him not just for his looks and acting skills but also for his authenticity and generosity. Although he's been dubbed as an "actor of few words," he speaks with sincerity and his statements mirror his passion for his craft. 

The Crash Landing on You actor admits he isn't the expressive or talkative type of person, but when he does say something, he weighs his words and says meaningful words that are truly music to any fan's ears.

As we're celebrating all things Hyun Bin on Metro.Style, we've gathered the quotes we loved from this actor's various interviews, to inspire you and send some positive vibes your way today.   


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On choosing the right roles:

"Thank you for watching and supporting me for so many years. Since we’re all growing old together, I’ll try to play characters that fit my age and represent that time and the situations we face." 

On repaying the support he's been receiving from his fans:

"All I can do to repay my fans is to deliver good performances. Just like with Crash Landing on You, I’ll repay your kindness with fun projects. Thank you."


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On how he stays healthy and fit:

"I workout whenever I have time and I try to sleep a lot as well. Getting good sleep is very important. So, I try to focus on doing that."

On what makes him happy:

"This is what I love doing nowadays. I’ve been really into having a glass of beer when I get home after work. I like trying out different kinds of beer, but more than that, it feels like I can wrap up the day with a glass of beer."

On what traveling means to him:

"The biggest effect it has on me is that it acts as a source of motivation. I want to visit more places. At times, it makes me feel small, too. So, traveling is motivational to me."   

On his definition of a "happy life:"

"I think it’s something that’s so close yet so far. It’s something you can find with a little tweak of your thoughts or in the smallest things in life. It’s something that’s right there but it’s hard to catch. Something that I always want yet isn’t easy to get."


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On how much he can drink:

"It depends. I guess that means I don't have high tolerance. Regular drinkers don't fluctuate that way," he says, adding that he can handle a bottle or a bottle and a half and that his face gets "beet red" when he's drunk.

On having a career slump:

"I had my own rollercoaster ride. But I got through that period."

On his time in the military:

"For me, it was a time to recharge. It was a time when I wanted to step back from my work and view myself objectively. That made it a good time for me." 

On the project he treasures most at the time:

"They're all precious. But if I had to choose one out of those four [BodyguardMy Lovely Sam SoonSecret Garden, and Confidential Assignment], I'd say Secret Garden. It was the last work of my twenties. It let me wrap up the hard work of my twenties, allowed me to meet precious friends, and it was loved by viewers."


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On what he likes about working with his co-star Son Ye-jin:

“Based on my observation as an actor, she had a huge passion for acting. She was also an actress who had the interpretation and various ideas about the scenes. That was somehow astonishing to me as an actor, and it stimulated me where various things were learned from her. I think this is what I like about acting with her.”

On his thoughts on COVID-19:

“I hope these anxieties will be gone soon, and I think COVID-19 was a chance to remind me of the importance of everyday life. I just hope to make my daily life comfortable and return to the way it used to be.”

Photo courtesy of VAST Entertainment