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13 Things You Didn't Know About Metro's March Cover Girl Jasmine Curtis Smith

This rising star and certified beach babe has much more going on beneath those expressive eyes and poised smile.



Metro welcomes summer, taking #JasmineCurtisSmith back to Siargao! We’re calling it now: 2018 will be the year of Siargao and of @jascurtissmith! After winning Best Supporting Actress for her role in Siargao, Metro took her back to the island where her journey started. Hear more about what it was like to film Paul Soriano’s film and the ins and outs of the hottest destination today. We’ve got you covered with our guides to Siargao, Coron, Boracay, and more international destinations making waves all over social media. Then check our swimwear edit, courtesy of #MaggieWilson, our guest writer, summer expert, and Metro Channel host of upcoming show, #Beached. Make sure your skin is ready with our list of sun-friendly and must-haves products to fill your travel kit. Stay up-to-date with our S/S ’18 runway roundup of all the trends seen on the catwalk, and get an insider look into January fashion weeks in Paris and Milan from our very own fashion editor, @randzomeness. March is also Women’s Month, so get to know our list of Wonder Women, as we celebrate 20 of today’s top girlbosses. Then tune in as we join in on the conversation around the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, and get the scoop on the @shetalksasia symposium. Grab a copy of #MetroMarch2018, your ultimate guide to welcoming summer! #MetroLovesJasmine Photographer @iamdoc Fashion Editor @randzomeness Makeup @johnpagadu Hair @avrilseguin Special thanks to @siargaobleu & @skyjetair Wearing @gucci

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Many recognize Jasmine Curtis Smith as 2017 surprise hit Siargao's Abby, a role she played with lots of heart and soul. But how many know that she was originally slated to play the lead role of Laura? Or that she's always been an award-driven gal, ever since she was a tiny tot in Kindertarten?

Get to know the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival Best Supporting Actress in this insightful list of things you didn't know about Jasmine.




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1. Siargao director Paul Soriano thought Jasmine would be a perfect addition to the film because of what he saw on her social media accounts. He felt that who Jasmine was in real life reflected what he had envisioned for her character.


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2. Jasmine and the rest of the Siargao team were in total shock when the film brought home several awards—including her win for Best Supporting Actress. They were only expecting two, at most, but ended up bagging seven. The victories were made sweeter by the fact that they were also unsure about being able to enter the MMFF to begin with.


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3. As a "thank you" to Siargao for letting them film there, Jasmine and the film's cast and crew helped put together free screenings of the film in several of the island's towns with the help of Surigao del Norte’s Gov. Sol Matugas.


4. Not all locals were pleased about the prospect of a big film being shot on the island. It took a while for Jasmine and the rest of the team to get them to warm up to the idea, which they eventually did.


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5. She and her character Abby share real-life similarities. Jasmine says, "The character of Abby, the simplicity of life that she wants to lead is somewhat similar to the life I hope to lead. I don't like complicating or pushing or forcing things. That's what she did with her relationships. Those are our biggest similarities."



6. Jasmine is extremely proud of her Best Supporting Actress award, and it made her remember how she was once told that she was too young to aim for such a major accolade in a career life workshop. With the belief that such achievements and recognition know no age, she proved them wrong when she won the impressive award last year.


7. She defines awards not as the true meaning of work, but as signs of moving up and forward. "It's confirmation that you're learning, you're getting better, and with each step, you're progressing," she says.


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8. She's venturing into business these days with the help of her boyfriend, Jeff Ortega. She's in the process of developing a luxury boutique hotel in La Union, another beach destination she's fallen in love with. "I want to be able to have something to keep me balanced and present in work as an actress, but also something that keeps me fulfilled and happy when I'm not on-screen that I can share with my family and friends," she shares.


9. She's happy to be family-oriented. In 2017, she made sure to dedicate lots of her time to being around for big milestones, like her little brother's graduation and older sister Anne's New Zealand wedding. In 2018, she hopes to be able to allocate more time for self-growth and personal discovery.



10. Jasmine only chooses projects that she feels she can still be proud of 20 years down the line. In her own words, "You're spending your energy, time, yourself. You're spending your life doing that so you might as well do something good and make something out of it. The awards are just extras and bonuses for me. I just want to be remembered well for my craft."


11. Jasmine continuously makes the effort to carve her own path. Considering that she has a sister who she describes as "well-established and so well-rounded in every aspect" in the same industry, she makes it a point to differentiate herself from the crowd with projects where she can really let her individuality as an actress shine.



12. Speaking of projects, Jasmine is currently working on a new show and a new film called General Admission, which she says is a dark, satirical comedy. She promises to tell us more about both projects when she can divulge more details.


13. Her overall Siargao filming experience made her realize a great truth about her chosen career and industry: "There's a way of filming in our industry without dying from the hours of the effort we put into it. You don't need to get sick to make a living, or make a good movie." Thanks to the relaxed atmosphere of the film and how well the cast and crew got along, Jasmine looks back at the experience with nothing but good memories.



Photographs courtesy of Metro magazine

Interview by Geolette Esguerra