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17 Things You Need To Know About Michael B. Jordan Of "Black Panther"

So you watched Marvel's latest—and possibly most awesome—movie, Black Panther, and left the cinema with much more than just your superhero blockbusters fix. You, like legions of others across the globe, now have a heart that beats for the perfect male specimen that is Michael B. Jordan, the godsend of an actor who played the film's tormented villain, Killmonger. 



Seeing as you're not the only one that's noticed just how noticeable Michael "Bae" is, we've done all the digging on the actor we hope to see more of for your browsing pleasure. To feed your newfound fixation on this rising silver screen star that's all sorts of gorgeous, here are all the facts you need to know about him right now.

You're welcome. 


1. He's Michael Jordan's son.



But not the Michael Jordan! His parents are Michael A. and Donna Jordan. While people have wondered if he is indeed related to the legendary basketball player, he is not, and he's never even met him in real life. 



2. Black Panther is not his first film.



It might be his first mainstream success in film, but surely not his first. He caught the eye of filmmakers when he starred in Fruitvale Station, a 2013 drama that highlights the true story of Oscar Grant III, an African-American who was wrongly killed in an encounter with white policemen on New Year's Eve. 



3. Michael B. Jordan wants you to know anime is not lame.



He loves comics, anime, and novelties related to these hobbies, too! His favorite superhero is Inhumans' Black Bolt. This could explain how he was able to bring to life a famous graphic novel baddie, flawlessly. He loves them so much that he's even started to work on animated films of his own. 



4. His (lack of a) beard really frustrates him.



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On an appearance on Conan O'Brien's late night talk show, Michael has admitted to his inability to grow a beard and how much this has frustrated him. It hasn't made the ladies love him any less, though. 



5. He lives with his parents.



LOVE THIS WOMAN #HappyMothersDay

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He does, but not in the irresponsible, leechy way you might be thinking. It's his parents that actually live with him, and the gesture is simply Michael fulfilling his promise to them to purchase them a better home one day. 



6. His middle initial doesn't stand for Bae.



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It stands for "Bakari," and it's a Swahili name that translates to "noble promise." And with a talent and face like his, it couldn't be more fitting. 



7. His Hollywood idol is...



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Meryl Streep. The actress who has received numerous awards in every ceremony imaginable inspired Michael to practice his craft. 



8. He wants you to know he's no sell-out.



He'll only take on projects that have personal relevance to him, and those that he thinks will matter to people. The young actor says he has no plans of taking on roles or films just for the money or the fame. 



9. He refuses to have body doubles.



Respect to the GOAT. Your legacy will live forever! ??: @_kj003

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Aside from taking on the physically demanding role of Killmonger in Black Panther, Michael had to rigorously train and diet for his portrayal of a Boxer in Creed where he starred alongside Sylvester Stallone. He did learn how to box, went to the gym to build his body, and did all the punching in the ring himself. 



10. He's a strapping young lad.



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Michael just turned 31 years old this year.



11. His vices are...



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Namely, they're food, women who can cook, and fashion items like jackets and shoes. Now, to get a hold of his can't-resist recipes, become a master chef and figure out his favorite fashion labels.



12. He's starred in hit TV shows, too!



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In case you were looking for your next show to binge on, some of the titles that Michael has been a part of include Friday Night Lights, The Wire, and All My Children. Later this year, Fahrenheit 451 is set to be released, a show based on a book of the same title by Ray Bradbury. 



13. 2018 is looking like an exciting year for Michael.



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The industry looks like it's finally taken notice of the talent and has lined up film projects for him this year including Wrong Answer, a movie based on the 2011 cheating scandal that rocked public schools in Atlanta; Just Mercy, a biopic about Equal Justice Initiative founder Bryan Stevenson; and a second remake of The Thomas Crowne Affair.



14. Michael had a happy childhood.



That look when you realize God has never let you down.

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The LA native has described his family to be tight knit and religious. He grew up with two siblings, sister Jamilla, and brother Khalid. He's the middle child in California until they moved back to New Jersey. 



15. He's a child actor.



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His first taste of the entertainment industry came when he was cast in The Cosby Show when he was just 12 years old. He went on to try his hand at modeling, too! 



16. Acting isn't his only talent.



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He can tap dance and is pretty artistically inclined. He's not bad at drawing or painting at all. 



17. And what you've all been waiting for...



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Michael Bae appears to be single, or at least, not in a steady committed relationship. He's been rumored to date non-Hollywood women in the past and photographed with unnamed beauties, but he's never confirmed a serious relationship.