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20 Things To Love About Birthday Boy Piolo Pascual

Piolo Pascual turned 41 yesterday. Yes, you read that right. The Philippines’ “Ultimate Heartthrob” is past 40—and boy, it doesn’t show! He sure is aging handsomely.

Truth be told, there’s no other actor quite like Piolo. As he is fondly called, “Papa P” is and always will be in a league all his own. In his 20 years in showbiz, the public has come to love him on- and even off-cam.

This month, the birthday boy is on the cover of StarStudio magazine with his son Inigo, who is currently making waves in showbiz. Piolo shows his new home in the south, which he built for his tight-knit family.  



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As we’ve learned even more through the stories he shared with StarStudio, there’s so much to love about him that there’s just so many good adjectives we can come up with to describe him. So, here, let us count the ways:


1. He is the ideal son. 

He has a very close relationship with his mother. Piolo always makes it a point to make her feel his love, and he lets her know how much he appreciates everything she’s done for them. In an interview on morning talk show Magandang Buhay, his mother Amy said, “I can’t ask for anything more… he is the kind of son that every mom should have.”  



2. He is a good brother.

Piolo grew up very close to his siblings Chiqui, Paulette, Pam, Choi, and Patricia. In fact, he had his new house designed to be big to accommodate his whole family. “Main reason, really, is bigger space for everyone,” he told StarStudio. He collaborated with his siblings Choi and Pat in bringing their dream home to reality.



Lunch with the family:)

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3. He is a great dad.

“He  makes me feel like he’s just there even if he’s far away. I never felt that I have to compete with his work or anything. He’s always been there for me,” Inigo told StarStudio. “He never made me feel na I’m just a son. He made me feel na ‘you’re my son.’ There’s a difference with parang ‘you’re just a son’ from ‘you’re my son.’ And that’s something that I really appreciate.”



4. He is a sweet and caring lolo.

If you look at his Instagram, there’s a baby he’s been posting about. That cute boy is Priam, his niece’s baby. During the cover shoot for the latest issue of StarStudio, Priam happens to be in the Philippines, and Piolo just can’t stop hugging and kissing the baby. “Priam is here for two months. They’re based in LA. I’m so happy that he’s here! He’s a bundle of joy, he brings so much joy in this house,” he says.



My boss ??

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5. He is a talented actor.

And this is proven by his countless movies and teleseryes. The amount of awards he has amassed over the years also prove how talented he is in his craft.



6. He is a wonderful  friend.

For his birthday yesterday, some of his showbiz friends took to Instagram to greet him on his special day.





7. He is an amazing colleague.

It’s obviously hard to maintain a career of 20 years if your colleagues don’t love working with you. Piolo’s professionalism and passion for his craft are admirable.



8. He is a talented singer.

Apart from being an actor, he’s also an award-winning singer with several albums to boot. Talk about being multi-talented!



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9. He is a clever and very hands-on producer.

Piolo has dabbled in producing films via the production house Spring Films. He’s worked on hit movies like the Kimmy Dora series; Relaks, It’s Just Pag-Ibig; Northern Lights: A Journey to Love; Kita Kita; and Last Night. Kita Kita, starring Empoy Marquez and Alessandra de Rossi, was especially successful, having earned P320 million. “I love doing films. I love the process of doing the film, to the editing, to the dubbing, to the finished product. I’m very hands-on,” he shares. He's currently working on a soap opera with Arci Munoz, JC de Vera, Empoy, and Alessandra. 



10. He is a fitness enthusiast.   

Just look at that body! He deserves to be applauded for how he stays fit. In an interview with ABS-CBN Sports, Piolo shares, “I work out everyday, first thing I do upon waking up, after I pray, after I shower, I take my pre-workout, I hit the gym. If I'm going straight to work I bring my dumbbells with me. Even in ASAP, I bring my dumbbells, when I'm waiting for live, I lift weights, I do a lot of floor exercises, it's part of my lifestyle, it's not a chore. It's not an effort for me to juggle my time between work or physical activities, you can marry it, you can juggle it just as long as you know how to handle or how to balance your time."



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11. He leads an active lifestyle.

Piolo is a triathlete, and biking, running, and swimming are therefore embedded in his lifestyle. It is his dream to run a full 42-kilometer marathon.



12. He has a generous and grateful heart.

Piolo shares his blessings by supporting charity organizations and even holding his own outreach programs.


13. He is religious.

Piolo is a born-again Christian. In 2016, he went to Europe to study theology at the Oxford University in London. He specifically took up Christian apologetics that focuses on the defense of the Christian faith. He went with Hayden Kho and Jodi Sta. Maria.



14. He can laugh at his mistakes, and has a cute sense of humor too!

Who doesn’t love a guy like that? If you commit a mistake, learn from it then laugh it off.



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15. He is a simple, down-to-earth guy.

No frills. Chill. Laid-back.



16. He is a style icon.

Piolo has great taste in fashion. He doesn't work with a stylist all the time, because, he says, "I want to look the way I want to look." His closet staples, Piolo shares, are "plain white shirts and gym outfits." But when he needs to be a little more dressed up, he has a collection of jackets and boots to turn to (these are pieces he usually finds himself investing in). He rocks suits very well, too!


17. He has a flair for interior design.

As his beautiful home proves, Piolo is particular about what style he wants, and executes that vision well. He even shared with StarStudio how hands-on he was with picking furniture pieces for his new home, saying that he even had couches customized to his specifications. He also personally fixes how the pieces are positioned.


18. He is a jetsetter and a travel junkie.

He says, “I love going on vacations. I love the beach, I love going on travels, I love seeing new places!”



19. He is still single, and is the ultimate bachelor.

Does he want to settle down soon? He told StarStudio, “When it comes, I’d be ready. We’re meant to share our life with somebody. I’m just really busy that I haven’t really given it a thought. Probably an excuse, but seriously, I’m just enjoying my singlehood. I’m enjoying my life right now and I can’t ask for anything more. Should the Lord give me something else, then I’d be grateful for it.”



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20. He is unstoppable.

As a new year begins and as he turns a year older, it sure looks like Piolo is just getting started to do more and be more. 



Cheers to a great year ahead, Papa P! Happy birthday!


Photos and interviews from StarStudio magazine