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22 Celebrity TikTokers You'll Love To Follow

Need some forms of entertainment? Look to these TikTokers for some good vibes

It’s a no-brainer why TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps at the moment. Each video can run from 15 seconds to one minute, and be made a lot more exciting with beauty filters and varying speeds depending on your chosen dubbed clip or soundbite. It’s really entertaining in its own way, so much so the celebrities couldn't resist joining the fun.

Here's a quick round-up of our favorite celebrities and TikTok influencers you worth following for some engaging ideas!

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The 15 Female Celebrities You Should Follow On TikTok


The 15 Female Celebrities You Should Follow On TikTok

Andrea Brillantes (@andreabrillantes12)

When TikTok was still known as “,” many people have already loved Andrea’s videos for their well-timed moves and beats. Aside from short dance covers, she also posts about her beauty looks and stunning OOTDs from time to time.

Chie Filomeno (@chiefilomeno)

What makes Chie’s TikTok account interesting is that she posts not only her captivating looks but also her candid moments with some added fitspiration every once in a while!


Shooting ❤️

♬ Intentions - Justin Bieber

Kylie Verzosa (@verzosakylie)

Kylie has only been on the app for a couple of weeks now, but we’re already loving every video she’s posted. Her boyfriend, actor Jake Cuenca, takes part in some clips, which undoubtedly doubles the fun for her and her followers.


Himala 🙏🏼

♬ original sound - Kylie Verzosa

Vivoree Esclito (@vivoree)

Vivoree shows her comedic side in short skits uploaded on her profile, and we’re definitely here for it! Funny TikTok videos, FTW.


##duet with @kimdiwataaa ♡

♬ オリジナル楽曲 - しの

Kelsey Merritt (@kelseymerritt)

We’d always catch ourselves stunned by Kelsey every time we look through her profile. Whether she’s on the beach or at home, her supermodel looks never fail to make her stand out.


Not sure what happened... ##fyp ##boredathome

♬ Absolutely Anything?! - jorobe

Vice Ganda (@unkabogableviceganda)

Vice’s videos of her and boyfriend Ion Perez are too cute to handle! These two are living proof that love knows no bounds.


Gondooooooohhhhhhh!!!! ##foryou ##Ion ##ViceIon @Perezion27

♬ Tik tok Famous people used my sound ah - saddd_audios1

AC Bonifacio (@andreebonifacioo)

It’s a given that AC Bonifacio is a talented dancer—her TikTok videos are sure to get you grooving!


##toosie ##toosieslidechallenge

♬ Toosie Slide - Drake

Maris Racal (@missmariestella)

The actress uses dubbed videos from different films to make her followers laugh. You can definitely count on her TikTok account for some dose of GV!

Alexa Ilacad (@alexailacad_)

Up for some feel-good vids? Alexa’s TikTok could give you just that! She enjoys posting videos of her cute dog, voice clips, and games among others.

Maureen Wroblewitz (@mwrob)

The first Filipina Asia’s Next Top Model winner is not only good at modeling—she also knows how to act in front of the camera! Just check out her TikTok account.

Sam Pinto (@_sampinto)

If you’re looking for a source of beauty and fitness inspo in one account, Sam’s TikTok is a good source.

Sarah Lahbati (@slgutz)

In her TikTok account, Sarah shows us bits and pieces of her personal life—from being a mom of two to her life with the Gutz family, and so much more.

Barbie Imperial (@barbie_imperial)

Just by looking through her TikTok videos, you can tell Barbie’s more than just a pretty face. She can definitely impress anyone with her dance moves and acting talent!

Jayda (@jedijayda)

We can’t get enough of Jayda’s incredible singing prowess, which she showcased on her TikTok account via the #BurlesqueChallenge.

Angelina Cruz (@angelinaisabele)

Angelina’s videos are so entertaining, you’d want to do TikTok dances with a friend!

Sunshine Cruz (@sunshinecruz718)

Like mother, like daughter. Sunshine’s TikToks are just as fun to watch! You’ll also be amazed with the way she's aging gracefully.

Loisa Andalio (@missloisa)

The simplicity and candidness of her TikTok videos are what make them beautiful. You’d see her dancing to some tunes by herself and with a friend, making her followers laugh with engaging content!


##comearoundmechallenge ##foryou @Justin Bieber 💜

♬ Come Around Me - Justin Bieber

Georgina Wilson (@ilovegeorgina)

If you want to see more of Georgina—beyond the glitz and glam she usually posts on Instagram—you can follow her on TikTok. In her profile, she gives us a look at her life as a mom and a wife.

Pokwang (@itspokwang27)

Having a bad day? Pokwang’s TikTok videos of her little ray of sunshine Malia are sure to turn your day around!

Jess Wilson (@jessdiazwilson)

She has only posted one video thus far but it’s enough to make us want to see more of her on the app! Watch her dubbed clip of the Kardashians, and you’ll understand why.

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