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30 Things You Didn't Know About Metro's Digital Cover Girl Isabelle Daza

There's so much to learn about mommy-to-be and enviable "It Girl" Isabelle Daza.

Did you know she calls herself a tomboy at heart and wants a baby boy because of this? Or what about how it took seven attempts for Adrien to finally get her out on a first date, who, seven and a half years later, proposed to her in Turkey after a hot air balloon ride?

Discover the sunny—and funny—side to this March birthday girl—who's also wowing us all with her gorgeous Metro digital coverin this list of 30 things you didn't know about this glowing beauty:


1. Isabelle was worried that she and Adrien weren’t going to work out because he was French in every way, and she was very Pinoy in her ways, especially her sense of humor. Now that they’re about to hit their 9th anniversary, she’s discovered that Adrien has absolutely loved learning about Filipino culture and has had no problem fitting in with her clan.


2. She doesn’t know if she’s having a son or a daughter. She purposely requested her medical team to keep it a secret.


3. Now that she’s turned 30, the only thing she regrets not doing in her 20s is sky diving. For the most part, she believes that she’s accomplished all of the things a 20-something should do.



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4. If she weren’t living in Manila, she would be in LA. The California city’s weather, chic brunch spots, and overall laidback vibe are what she loves the most about it.


5. She prefers tea over coffee.  


6. She’s definitely learned to appreciate her own mom better, now that’s she's about to become one herself. “My love for my mom has gone up exponentially,” she says.



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7. Between her and Adrien, Isabelle thinks he’s the sweeter and more affectionate one.


8. Her love language is gift-giving, but admits that it was her husband who taught her how to value the other love languages of quality time and acts of service more.


9. If she could see into the future, what she’d like to learn is how long she’s going to live. (At 60, she envisions herself to be comfortably retired, most likely in Manila).



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10. She didn’t give up working out during her pregnancy even at 32 weeks in. She’s simply made sure to exercise with baby-safe routines while still breaking a sweat, and always with a professional trainer to guide her.


11. Pre-natal massages and swimming have been her indulgences since she got pregnant.


12. Georgina, her fellow model and cousin, is her “mom peg.” Isabelle loves how she’s a “super chill mom” and treats her one and a half-year-old son, Archie, more maturely, sans the baby talk.



Our little sailor Archie shark turns 1!! ??

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13. Her pregnancy was a complete surprise! She and Adrien hadn’t planned on having a baby just yet.


14. When she’s able to travel again, she’d love to visit Tanzania and Botswana.


15. While she didn’t have to go on a special diet during her pregnancy, she found herself enjoying Filipino food so much more than usual. Daing na bangus and longganisa became breakfast staples! She also laughs about Adrien having to remind her that she can always snack on something else later on in the day when she feels like having a big meal.



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16. The Kardashians are her guilty pleasure.


17. She’s a sunrise, not a sunset, kind of person.


18. Isabelle had her wedding in Tuscany because of the many memories she and Adrien made there prior to getting engaged. The delicious food and picturesque vistas were deciding factors, too.



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19. Just like other first-time moms, Isabelle is feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness about experiencing motherhood for the first time. “When you're bringing life into this world, you can't help but ask if you're going to be good enough,” she tells us.


20. Adrien bought her a drone for their first wedding anniversary. While she thought it wasn’t a typical gift from a husband to his wife, she loved it. Adrien’s practicality in that sense is something she’s grown to appreciate over time.


21. She didn’t make birthday plans, because she’s saving her energy for planning a baby shower later this month just in time for when the baby arrives in April.



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22. She brought her friend Bea Soriano (a deliberate third wheel, she admits with a chuckle) to her first date with Adrien because she wasn’t sure if they were going to have a good time together.


23. Her favorite thing about Adrien is his positivity and kindness. She shares, “He's always smiling. He's always happy and I also love that he never indulges in gossip or saying anything negative. He always sees the positive.”


24. She’s currently obsessing over The Greatest Showman’s soundtrack and highly recommends Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.



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25. Her comfort food has always been spaghetti bolognese, but since she’s gotten pregnant, cheeseburgers have been her ultimate food craving-buster.


26. She likes dogs more than cats.  


27. Isabelle’s mom didn’t immediately say "yes" when Adrien asked for her hand in marriage, because she wasn’t ready. Now, according to her, her mom and family take Adrien’s side when they argue. “They love him more than they love me,” she jokes.



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28. She prefers letting her hair down than fixing it up in an updo.


29. Her ideal vacation consists of a trip to the beach because she loves taking dips in the ocean, but Adrien loves the mountains. They’re compromising on that come August when they’ll be off on a vacation to somewhere with rolling mountains and beautiful lake.


30. This is what she wants first-time moms to know: “First-time moms should definitely do what makes them happy and definitely not be pressured by everyone else. I learned, not the hard way, but through this seven- or eight-month journey, I think you know your body best and you know yourself. Listen to yourself. Intuition is the best teacher.”


Photographs by Kim Ebol of Spotlight Creatives

Shot on location at Proscenium in Power Plant Mall