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32 Things You'll Love To Know About New Kapamilya Artist Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Metro.Style cover girl and new Kapamilya artist Regine Velasquez-Alcasid has come home. Get to know her more, as she enters her life's newest chapter, in this list that reveals the singer's thoughts on her new role, family, career, and the exciting future that awaits her. 

With 32 years (and counting!) of immeasurable experience to her name, here are 32 things to know about the "Asia's Songbird." 


EXCLUSIVE: Regine Velasquez-Alcasid Is Back Home And Ready For The Next Step In Her Career



Proud to present the exclusive digital cover and interview of Asia’s Song Bird - the one and only Regine Velasquez who recently got a very warm homecoming from Kapamilya employees and fans Despite being a self-professed workaholic who claims that a brief period of rest feels like years of forced solitude, #RegineVelasquezAlcasid admits that her priorities have changed over the years. And she wouldn’t have it any other way. “My definition of success now is having a good family life… I find myself letting go of things because I prioritize my family. I guess, for women, that comes naturally, but I like it. I like that I'm able to let go of things because my priorities are Nate and Ogie,” she reflects. Read more about her story at the link in our bio. Produced by @gracelibero Photography by @rxandy Creative direction by @theonlychookiecruz Makeup by @reginevalcasid Hairstyling by @chrisrodil Styling by @rajrivera of @vstyleteam Video produced by @joknutsss Videography by @berwincoroza Writer: @saraloopdeloop Liaison editor: @mameyfrancesimeon Shoot assistant: @caragt

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1. Regine jokes that she was more excited about beginning the next phase of her career as a Kapamilya artist than her husband and fellow singer, Ogie. Though he was involved in her transition, she feels she was undoubtedly looking forward to the change while he managed to play it cool. 


2. Working with ABS-CBN's frontline acts and emerging generation of singing legends is what Regine is most hyped for. In particular, she mentions Sarah Geronimo and Sharon Cuneta as the singers she'd love to collaborate with.


3. She was surprised by how warmly she was received in her new (working) home. While Regine explains that she has, in fact, been great friends with a lot of her new network's talents for some time, she was still taken aback by how happy everyone was to have her on board with them, not just as a friend, but as a colleague. 


4. Her very first first responsibility as a freshly minted Kapamilya talent was to head over to Sydney for one of ASAP's overseas shows. She left for the trip the day after she signed her contract. 


5. Speaking of projects, Regine already has a ton of work lined up for her that her fans are surely anticipating: a sitcom with her husband and Ian Veneracion, a concert with Vice Ganda next year, a slot as a judge on singing competition Idol Philippines, and regular appearances on ASAP. 


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6. Regine does her own makeup, even for major events like concerts and photo shoots. (Her favorite features to highlight are her eyes; the more pigmented tints, the better!)


7. Tokyo is on the agenda for this year's family Christmas holiday. 


8. Boredom is her enemy; she dislikes having too much downtime. A month of vacationing feels like an eternity to Regine who prefers to be kept busy doing what she loves most: singing. 


9. When Regine found out she was expecting a son all those years back, she was as happy as can be, but also missed singing terribly. She voluntarily took two years off to make her pregnancy as risk-free as possible, but couldn't wait to get back in the studio and onstage after Nate was born.  


10. Despite all her local accolades and international recognition, she still considers helping her siblings finish school one of her biggest life trophies. 


11. She likens settling into her role as an ABS-CBN artist to moving into a new house; it's exhilarating but it can be disorienting at times. She points to the warmth of her new colleagues as one of the biggest factors that has eased her into her new role. 


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12. Her definition of success is when her husband and son are both happy and healthy; it makes her feel that she's doing all the right things as a good wife and mother.


13. For her ongoing concert series "Regine at the Movies," she had to learn and perfect a 60-song repertoire. 


14. What she's most hyped for about getting a seat as a judge in Idol Philippines is the opportunity to mentor contestants. It's her way of passing on what she has learned in the industry. 


15. Regine admits that change is crucial in an artist's life. Change stimulates creativity and for her, it's what helps her come up fresh ideas and see new perspectives. 


16. While she'll always consider herself a career woman, Regine appreciates how marriage has transformed her priorities. These days, she's more focused on Ogie and Nate rather than expending all her energy on individual pursuits. 


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17. Contrary to popular belief, Regine prefers performing in smaller venues. She enjoys being able to bounce back the energy given off by a more intimate audience. 


18. Regine admits that stress is an inevitable part of the job, even at its most enjoyable moments. She acknowledges that good times and challenging times are just a cycle, but she has embraced—and learned to manage—them over time.


19. One of the ways in which Regine knows she's grown as an artist is her way of handling disappointments. Today, she learns from them and gets back up. In her youth, she was easily deterred by them, and often felt that her dreams would never come true when frustrations would crop up along the way. 


20. Without a doubt, Regine believes that experience is the best teacher for life's greatest lessons. 


21. There is nothing Regine would change about her life even if she was given the opportunity to do so. She says it's because she's happy where she is today, and if she changed even one detail of her past, she's sure things would have happened differently and she would living a totally different life now as a very different woman. 


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22. One of Regine's family traditions is that a wedding entourage of a female family member getting married has their makeup done by her. 


23. Aside from singing and doing makeup, one of Regine's other creative outlet is drawing. 


24. As a mother of one and auntie to Ogie's two daughters, Regine couldn't be more thankful for the fact that Sarah and Leila both have great relationships with her. She expected some degree of resistance from the girls when she and Ogie publicized their relationship, but both took to her very well. 


25. The same goes for Ogie's ex-wife, Michelle van Eimeren. She, Regine, and Ogie have admirable friendships. 


26. Because having a husband and son to care for have pushed Regine to re-arrange her priorities, she's now able to manage stress more effectively. While she was once a workaholic who needed to get things done immediately and flawlessly, today, she's more flexible and forgiving of things when they don't go as perfectly planned. 


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27. Regine enjoys tapping into her maternal instincts, much of which only came into play when Nate was born. She knew she always wanted a child, and when her son finally arrived, the responsibility of motherhood was something she took on wholeheartedly. Never at any point did she consider having a child a deterrent to her career. 


28. She disliked it when she realized she was at a point in her career when she stopped challenging herself. Her transfer was one of her ways to combat stagnancy. In her words, she needed to be shaken. 


29. Being in more films is what Regine is definitely excited about now that she's officially with ABS-CBN. She has yet to disclose any details about tangible plans for this, but we have our fingers crossed!. 


30. Her work ethic is grounded on the saying, "if something is worth doing, it's worth doing well." She's believed this every since she was a rising star; half-baking her responsibilities as a performer is a no-no for Regine. 


31. According to Regine, life wouldn't hold as much meaning if it were lived without the love of family. 


32. She will sing, and sing, and sing some more, all the way until the end, or at least, until she still has the strength to do so. Regine and singing, as it seems, are permanently intertwined. 


Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz

Makeup by Regine Velasquez-Alcasid 

Hairstyling by Chris Rodil 

Styling by Raj Rivera of V Style Team

Liaison editor: Francis Simeon

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