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5 Reasons To Crush On Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend, Camila Morrone—A Modern-Day Sophia Loren And Homie At Heart

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t need to jump off a sinking ship and freeze to death in icy water to win many hearts all over again. Despite reaching obvious dad bod levels—swathed in hoodies or occasional designer wear—he still lays claim to Tinseltown royalty. With his many achievements outside of his acting career to help the planet and also the use of his online influence for positive social change, who would think this millionaire onscreen hottie isn’t a catch? 



The fact that Leo hasn’t really settled down for the long-term ever has always left an air of mystery around one of Hollywood’s most private and handsome A-list bachelors. He’s had a lineup of beautiful girlfriends and quite obviously has a penchant for the supermodel type. 

Currently, he’s dating 21-year-old Camila Morrone, a beautiful budding actress who also models. Here are a couple of reasons why we’re quite crushing on fun-loving, dorky Camila who with her honest captions, bold brows, shapely nose, and full pout totally reminds us of a modern-day Sophia Loren.


Sophia Loren


Camila Morrone


1. Camila’s figure fits the clothes we wish fit us. Camila is hot to the 3rd power and while her curves may not be quite as out there as the Kardashians’ vital stats, we’d like to think they’re a bit more... attainable, should we say?




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???? ???? ????

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2. She’s a “gangsta” goof and kind of a klutz. She’s been interviewed by James Corden regarding a past neck injury and semi tripped her friend Isabella while they were goofing around with rap music on Insta. Cami does get carried away every now and then but it’s all in the name of fun and laughter. Perhaps her spontaneity is what got Leo smitten in the first place.



besides me tripping Isabella, I think i kinda killed it

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3. She has her mom’s beautiful face and her dad’s darker hair. We’re all over it when beautiful people share throwbacks of their roots. Camila’s mom seemed to have been more blonde than her and her father had light brown hair. She obviously has her mother’s looks with more striking features.



both my moods. there's no in between

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4. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. On any day the front cam on our smartphones always tells the truth, we flip it on and yup, that’s pretty much who we are in raw glory…and nope, we’re not posting that.  Camila though, just rolls with it—granted, with makeup on, but still.



*opens front camera*

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As a blonde…incidentally, Camila could also pass for Hailey Baldwin’s twin or sister. 



Happy birthday cutie????

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5. She slays with or without makeup. That face, though, you know how people some sway between two extremes and rake in comments like “Oh, she actually looks better with less makeup—you should see her at the beach…” or “Oh, that’s because she just woke up, you should see here once she’s freshened up with makeup on…” Camila just stuns regardless of how much makeup she’s wearing or isn’t wearing—plus, plus.






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