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6 Ways to Live Your Best Life

Metro.Style takes inspiration from three amazing women who have gone on a tremendous personal journey towards their dreams, who, like us, look back into that moment they decided to own it, to seize their future and make that pivotal decision that eventually changed their lives.


1. Take everything into your own hands. 

Sometimes, we attribute our reality to circumstances beyond our control—what people expect of us and what is already available for the taking. Othertimes, we talk about opportunities that are present. Going with the flow can be a good thing, and there are some who have that intuition that brings them from one project to another, accepting offers and opportunities until they reach the pinnacle of their careers. But what if there are times when you have to carve your own path?


Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash


Our inspiration for this is model-host, and now blogger Mari Jasmine, who took charge of her own narrative. She broke into the scene as a fresh-faced Australian host, but she always felt that much of her career wasn’t in her control. “When I first came to the Philippines, I was living from day to day, and I didn’t really plan so much ahead. I do remember feeling quite anxious though because I didn’t have a clear grasp of where my future was heading,” she says. This prompted her to start her own blog, her own platform.

As someone who’s self-employed, Mari took matters into her own hands, defining her own success. “Every detail of my day, whether that’s what I accomplish for work, or just choosing what’s best for me, for my health, for my skin, even for my hair, like Palmolive Expertique—I get a say on it all,” she says.


2. Be proactive.

Sometimes you have to pave your own way to your goal. Sometimes you have to go out of your comfort zone and knock on different doors that may seen unreacheable at first. Don't wait for opportunities to come find you. Take them as they come and have them within your grasp. Be proactive and make your wildest dreams come true.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


“Owning that particular period in my life when I wasn’t particularly busy but deciding to be proactive about it, actually turned into something really great. While there are many things in life you can't control, your choices are something you can take charge of. ” she says. Watch her story here:


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3. Learn to say no. 

Here's a caveat: In this lifetime, there will be a lot of things that will come your way; but make sure to assess each one and see which one will help you become the best person you can be. You don't need to accept everything. Learn to prioritize and say no.


Photo by Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash


This is why we have so much admiration for Metro cover girl Kelsey Merritt, who broke all boundaries, as she became the first Filipina to walk the Victoria's Secret runway. Discovered by a talent scout through Instagram, Kelsey flew to New York to work on various campaigns before deciding she would finish university first.

Kelsey decided to go home to the Philippines to start a new semester, even though that didn’t sit too well with her agency. “I wanted to be honest, I was very tempted to stay, but education had to come first. In the end, I had to make the life-changing decision of politely declining.”


4. Make a stand.

It can be easy to lose your ground when there are so many factors around us trying to tell us what to do, what's right for us, and what's not; but, it's on us to own our personal goals, stand by it, and do whatever it takes to make it happen.


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


Achieving so much at only 22, it was important for Kelsey to take ownership of her career, and to do it in her own terms. “Take a stand on what you want and stake it out till the end. It doesn’t always have to begin somewhere grand, as long as it begins with you.” See more of her story here in this video:


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5. Be fearless.

What is your heart's greatest desire—that you keep hidden for such a long time because you worry about what people think and what people expect of you? Imagine how great life can be when you forget about your fears and just go for your dreams.


Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash


Our inspiration for this is model Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez. What many don't know about her is that the challenges she's encountered have transformed her personal journey. Having her first child at age 19 didn’t deter Mika from pursuing her dreams. Despite what everyone said about this challenge, she fearlessly took on motherhood. She still found herself going to class, to castings, and sometimes flying out for last-minute work, all while being a mom. “Instead of it hurting my career, it actually blossomed into something much greater than I could ever imagine.” See her story in this video:


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6. Add a little self care.

Careers, achievements, having-it-all—sometimes what you really need is to carve some time for yourself. Treat  yourself to soothing music, a powerful work-out, or a few minutes of meditation, and before you know it, you're recharged to take on a new task. Having a good hair care regimen is a way of giving yourself all the love you deserve. Thankfully, a good hair care regimen need not be complicated. It can work in 3-steps: Cleanse, Condition, and Style. Try the Palmolive Expertique shampoo for your daily hair cleansing, Palmolive Expertique conditioner to moisturize your hair daily, and level up your everyday style with the Beautifying Hair Oil for added shine and Anti-Frizz Serum for manageable locks. Once a week, treat your hair with an Intensive Hair Mask to instantly hydrate your dry and damaged hair. Just as easily, you can achieve salon-beautiful hair right in your hands. 



So there you have it—follow our lead and take charge and take everything into your own hands. Always be proactive, yet also learn how to say no, and really, truly make a stand. It's now your time to be brave! But you must never forget to add a bit of self care into your routine—love yourself first. All in all, let this year be the most amazing time of your life ever!