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6 Women We Admire For Loving Their Bodies—Stretch Marks, Dimples, Imperfections And All

This summer, self-love is in, ladies!



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For many women, summer is a double-edged sword. On one side, the sunny season lets them flatter their best assets in sexy skin-revealing outfits, but on another, their physical insecurities are highlighted, ironically because of the same reason!

So much pressure is put on women to be absolutely flawless in swimwear, shorts, dresses, sleeveless tops, cropped tops, and everything in between. Be it scars, patches of cellulite, stretch marks, freckles, or moles, all of these "unsightly" imperfections are expected to be non-existent for women to be considered summer-ready.

While it's a great thing to want to look your best this season (and during all seasons, at that), it's far more important to encourage attainable and realistic standards of beauty.

Just take a look at these female celebrities and influencers who are positive role models for embracing their bodies for what they are—and still look crazy hot while they're at it!


Iza Calzado

Iza's been the subject of body shaming for years, but she refuses to bend to her haters! She has no reason to, anyway; she's beautiful!


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Kelsey Merritt

It's refreshing  to see un-photoshopped images of bikini-clad ladies like this top model. Kelsey keeps it real, and we love her even more for it!


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Jackie Go

The well-loved mom and blogger always leaves her followers with words of wisdom. This time, her message is all about body positivity!


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Karla Estrada

A full-figured woman has never looked better. And let us tell you, it's not just the flattering swimsuit doing the magic here, it's most definitely her confidence, too!


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Jasmine Curtis Smith

Cover girls have big responsibilities to set a good example, so check out Jasmine in this beach photo that's unedited, unfiltered, and a hundred percent her. She says the stretch marks are part of who she is, and that there's no need to cover them up. Talk about confidence used in all the right ways!


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Ina Raymundo

This mom of five considers the stretch marks on her belly as battle scars. Who cares about stretch marks when you have five beautiful kids who remind you everyday that there's so much more to life than superficialities?!



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