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7 Reasons Why Kate Hudson Wins At Life

10:32am. Crosby Street Hotel, New York City.

The Crosby Street Hotel has dog decor. I’m talking about a massive portrait of a dog that sits in the hotel’s saloon, dog sculptures of varying sizes in the lobby and hallways, and little paintings of dogs where you least expect them. The oddity and charm of this creative canine curation is what occupies my mind as I wait to be invited to an upstairs suite. I am scheduled for an 11am chat with Michael Kors and Kate Hudson.


She’s cool as heck. Kate Hudson, I mean. But then again, so is pretty much everyone that Michael Kors has introduced me to. Clym, the British artist, for example, who did a live art session in the windows of the Michael Kors store on Broadway, is the most wonderful lad. The people I meet at Michael’s fashion shows—Carolyn Murphy, Ashley Graham, all delightful and kind. 


People from God’s Love We Deliver, an incredible organization that prepares and delivers meals to those unable to shop or cook for themselves, gathered for the group’s annual gala and fundraiser earlier this year and I realized that Michael brought all those generous souls together. I met Linda Carter that evening (the original Wonderwoman, for those that need a Gal Gadot predecessor namedrop), Carolina Herrera, Anna Wintour, and of course, there was Gwyneth Paltrow—who took the stage in a gorgeous dress, the perfect picture of glamour, then used the “F” word in her first sentence, setting the tone for a fun evening and rambunctious auction ahead. I now officially love her.

It is this same ease that Kate Hudson possesses. Perhaps it comes with extraordinary fame; that ultra cool confidence and darling humor. Finally taking the elevator up, walking into the hotel room and seeing Kate, hair shaved, Michael Kors floral printed pajama-inspired set in a bold black and yellow—I mean, she was literal sunshine.

“Just doing a little shopping,” Michael hollers, as they peruse his latest collection on a laptop.

As they finish making a list of Kate’s favorites, I quickly make my own list: reasons why Kate ought to be everyone’s favorite.

Hollywood Royalty (Girl Next Door)  


Kate Hudson has every right to be a diva, but she gives me the same fuzzy feeling I get from our neighborhood barista—engaged but super chill. Could be off doing some really epic things, but totally cool to be here, now, with you.

That Buzz Cut


“I LOVE YOUR HAIR!” It’s the first thing that tumbles out of my mouth, hands cradling my own head as if I, too, might feel my scalp under a fresh buzz cut. She is stunning, and proves that her long blonde locks were not the only signature look for Kate Hudson to rock. “I did it for a movie that I just wrapped about a month ago,” Kate shares. “I can’t give away the plot but SIA, the singer-songwriter, pop star extraordinaire, she directed a musical that I’m starring in.”

Effortless Style


I mean, she could literally slip out of her yoga gear and into a dress or pantsuit, and be red-carpet ready in 5 minutes.

She’s a Girl Boss


Speaking of yoga gear, did you know that Kate is co-founder of premium activewear brand Fabletics?

Because of her Mother


Not saying that Kate Hudson couldn’t hold her own without Goldie Hawn as her mother, but saying that she is extra awesome because of it. Goldie Hawn, who made it big in television and film with her comedic prowess, also has a fantastic program and curriculum called “Mind Up” that teaches mindfulness in schools, encouraging a positive mindset that results in better academic performance and healthier children overall. Can you imagine growing up surrounded by this kind of awesomeness?

Natural Beauty and Supernatural Bod



To further drive home the point made in item #3, Kate Hudson doesn’t need much to stun on the red carpet. Or on TV guestings. Or in real life. She actually looks her absolute best with ZERO make up on, working on her stamina and strength doing Pilates, and just being, well, Kate.

Her Big Heart


On her recent trip to Cambodia as part of the Michael Kors initiated #WatchHungerStop movement:

“It was really incredible experience. It is the beginning, I think, of many trips that I look forward to doing, seeing all the work that the World Food Programme is doing around the world. It was very motivating from a philanthropic stand point, meaning that as far as it has come, and as many people as the WFP are actually able to help, there’s so much more that needs to be done. It just makes you want to continue to make sure that they can really deliver the basic fundamentals for these kids and families. To feed them.”

Michael Kors and Kate Hudson are on track to providing 20 million meals worldwide through the #WatchHungerStop program. Certain products in the Kors stores direct proceeds to this effort. To learn more, stop by a Kors store and remember, $5 = 25 meals for kids that are actually incentivized to go to school and learn because of these meals that are being provided!