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7 Reasons Why We Think Jennifer Aniston Was Never Really Married To "Ex-Husband" Justin Theroux

You'll need a sharp nose for detective work to decode this story! 



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This week, a bizarre rumor that the Friends actress and her second ex-husband, fellow actor Justin Theroux, never really wed despite being known as husband and wife began to circulate. The couple released a public statement last week to announce their separation, but those paying close attention were quick to note that official reports of their parting of ways did not use the word "divorce."



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Their curious use of words encouraged dogged fans and reporters alike to review facts about the couple's seven-year long relationship, and made the shocking discovery that might just prove Justin and Jen were never really married to begin with! 



Here's a summary of findings to contest the Aniston-Theroux union:


1. The first half of their statement announcing their separation reads, "In an effort to reduce any further speculation, we have decided to announce our separation. This decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year. We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple, but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship." This is the first time people began to think twice about their "marriage" as a "divorce" was not mentioned.



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2. The couple does not have a marriage license on record in LA county. Celebrity story mill TMZ reportedly dug around LA county marriage records to search for legal documents proving Jen and Justin's marriage. They went all the way back to records dated 2010, and came out empty-handed. (However, they acknowledge that the couple may have filed for one in another county, or opted for a "confidential marriage license.")



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3. In their supposed Bora Bora honeymoon that came right after their 2015 private nuptials held in their California mansion, Jen and Justin didn't go on that trip alone. Reporters said it was unusual for a newly married couple to bring along friends, regardless of how close they are, to such an intimate time in their marriage, suggesting that it was actually a holiday for them and their friends.



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4. It's known that Justin never really had marriage plans on the table. In the beginning of their romance, the 46-year-old reiterated that he was perfectly satisfied with the status of his relationship with Jen, no matter what their title was. Seeing as the couple never had a lavish ceremony, there are suggestions that they never really tied the knot.



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5. Drawing more from TMZ's research, the media outlet said that none of Hollywood's most prominent divorce lawyers have been contacted by the couple. Justin and Jen were thought to have been separated since late 2017, and months after, neither party has requested for the services of a divorce lawyer.



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6. While Justin never really considered marriage important, it was to Jen. There are some who believe that Justin asked Jen to marry him and made it official in a "backyard ceremony" in their home that was officiated by close pal and late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel. All this time, people have assumed that that event made their marriage binding and legal, but no reports have been able to solidly confirm this.



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7. They were never really able to resolve the pressing issue of where they should settle down after marriage, and therefore, never wed. Justin is from New York, while Jen is a California girl at heart; in the past, the couple has had disagreements about which coast to call home and trial periods of living together in each. They were never really able to figure this out with each preferring their own state and unwilling to make the permanent move. This was a big enough problem to stop them from marrying.


Do you think that Jen and Justin were actually married, or was this just a well-researched narrative?