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AC Bonifacio Releases ‘Fool No Mo’

The unstoppable young star and new gen dance princess is Star Magic Records’ debut artist

“Fool No Mo,” AC Bonifacio’s newest single for Star Magic Records is out today! 

Star Magic Records is Star Music’s newest sub-label, and is the talent management’s foray into the music scene. It continues to champion its current artists, from KZ Tandingan to Rachel Alejandro, as well as be on the lookout for new and emerging talent. 

Yesterday, AC had a global media conference, where she talked about her music, her creative process, what performing and making music mean to her, her dream international collaboration, and so much more. The virtual event was hosted by Edward Barber. 

It’s clear that this young star is unstoppable—already an accomplished artist and performer in her own right (and at the tender age of 18!), AC is already a professional with a rising career, evidenced by her being internationally known through shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Riverdale

Star Magic and Star Music heads Direk Lauren Dyogi, Roxy Liquigan, and Jonathan Manalo all raved about AC, attesting to her professionalism, talent, and charisma. These show exactly why AC was the right choice to be the record label’s debut artist. 

“It’s a fact that she’s very talented,” says Direk Lauren. She’s known as a world-class dancer. Globally, she’s exposed herself sa Ellen DeGeneres, sa Riverdale. That attests sa galing niyang sumayaw. But more than that, meron pa siyang ibang aspeto na p'wede pa nating makita, so this time, she will not only dance but she will be a total performer. In the same way she’s committed to excel in dancing, she’s committed to excel in singing and performing. This is only the start of our plans to make AC an international star.”

For her part, AC was nothing but elated when it comes to people’s faith and trust in her. After all, “Fool No Mo” is more than just a song: it’s a “shining reminder” that when you dream big and work hard, bigger things will eventually find their way to you.

Listen to "Fool No Mo!" below:

Lead photo from @acbonifacio

AC Bonifacio Is Now a Star Magic Records Artist


AC Bonifacio Is Now a Star Magic Records Artist