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Zeus Needs A Home! Be A Cat Daddy Like Marc Nelson And Adopt A Cat Now

Cat Daddy alert!

Over the weekend, while some people spent their time at the AsiaPOP Comicon Manila or at the Fan Con with Sandara Park and Nam Joo Hyuk, Metro Channel host Marc Nelson spent his “Caturday” in cat lover heaven with the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

Marc visited the PAWS shelter with fellow cat lover and artist Kelley Day, who he says is adopting her very first cats soon!


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The Beached host has always been an advocate of animal rights and welfare, having been a partner and ambassador of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and PAWS for years now. He is also a rescue cat daddy himself!

In 2016, Marc adopted a cat from the beach in front of his kitesurfing resort near Boracay. According to his Instagram post, the two-week-old kitten was left when her two siblings were killed and the mother cat was driven off by stray dogs.

Marc named his cat baby Nala, which means “Beloved” in West Africa and “Lioness” in Swahili.



So this happened in the last 24hrs... I'm the proud new daddy of a 2week old kitten that we found amongst the coconuts near the beach. Sadly her 2 siblings had been killed by dogs, but this fiesty little girl survived. Now on Daddy duty, feeding her every 3 hours. I've decided to call her "Nala" which means "first drink of water" in Arabic, "beloved" in west Africa, and more importantly, "lioness" in Swahili. Rawr! ???? have to thank my neighbors daughter Mischa for showing me where she was. (Pls note we looked for the mother and even left the kitten for a couple of hours in case the mum came back, but no luck). Now I know how you feel @joeymeadking @hailtothe_king @serenalau_. #daddyduties #myfirstcat #futuremousetrap #needstogrowbiggerthanthemicefirst #whoneedssleep #atleastithinkshesagirl #nalathebratcat #nalathefiestycat #nalathebeachcat #nalathebaharicat

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Last year, Marc also grew his cat family and introduced two more rescued cats, Chloe and Socks, to the mix.



Marc makes sure he fills his Instagram stories with adorable photos and videos of Nala, Socks, and Chloe—and they’re so adorable to look at!



If you want a cute kitten as well, as Marc says, #AdoptDontShop. You can visit the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) at Aurora Boulevard, Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

You can also adopt this handsome guy, Zeus!


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