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WATCH: The Age Game With Ina Raymundo—Plus, Read About The Rules She Lives By To Look Timelessly Beautiful

With a husband who shares her love of healthy living and five kids to raise to appreciate the same, Ina Raymundo is armed with a tip or two for anyone thinking of going from sedentary to active. Heed her advice; these are the same rules she lives by to look ageless at 42! 


EXCLUSIVE: Ageless Beauty At 42—Ina Raymundo Takes Us Through Her Story Of Active Living And Graceful Aging



Youthful in looks and in attitude, actress #InaRaymundo (@inaraymundo95) catches the eye the same way she did when she first broke into show business as a fresh-faced teenager 25 years ago. An ageless beauty is what this mother of five, devoted wife, and lover of all things healthy truly is. And at 42, Ina is the most stunning and confident she's ever been. Her advice? “Everyone goes through aging, but you can definitely slow it down,” she says. “That’s why it’s best to take good care of yourself by eating healthy, working out and having yourself checked regularly.” Read our second #MetroStyleAgelessBeauties cover story at the link in our bio! • Produced by @kate_paras Photography by @sevenbarrettophoto Makeup by @johnpagadu Hair by @francisguintu Styled by @geliemanansala Liason editor: Francis Simeon • #Beauty #AgelessBeauty #wellstyledlife #lifestyled #lifegoals #inspiredliving

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  • Always consult a dietician or nutritionist. Never assume that going on a crash diet or trying any fad diets to begin weight loss is the right way to go. Everyone has unique dietary needs and these need to be discussed and planned for with a specialist.


  • Do not overexert yourself at any workout. It is incorrect thinking that working out intensely equates to more calories burned or faster weight loss. Exercises should gradually increase in intensity.


  • When it comes to cosmetics and beauty procedures, less is always better. "I always believe in that. That makes you age gracefully because you do it the natural way. I have nothing against it but I just believe that if you take good care of yourself, you don’t really have to overdo it. Your face is still the same; although you have more wrinkles, it’s still you, definitely," she says. 


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  • Say no to the negative cycle of binging and purging. Do this by always having snacks on hand when you know you're going to be busy between meals, to avoid getting too hungry that you overeat in your next meal. (And snacks should be healthy, too! Ina recommends nuts and fresh fruit). Similarly, starving yourself then “making up for it” by eating a huge meal afterwards is a no-no! 


  • Water is your best friend! Not only is it essential for your body to function, but it also helps make facial skin look hydrated and, essentially, more youthful.


  • Spend on beauty products wisely! As Ina says, "I go for [products that are reasonably priced]. You don’t have to spend on the very expensive ones; they're not always effective." (As an extra insider's tip, her favorite products are those packed with Vitamin C!)


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  • Social media plays a part in confidence in one’s self. Do yourself a favor by following the right social media influencers online that advocate healthy living and sustainable active lifestyles, instead of those that focus on only the superficial levels of beauty and fitness.


  • Eradicate the thinking that healthy eating is expensive and cannot be achieved without a deep pocket. One need not cook up complicated recipes to enjoy healthy eating. The many broth varieties and numerous ways to cook vegetables in Filipino cuisine are foolproof options, while produce like malunggay, spinach, broccoli and fresh fruit can be purchased without denting wallets.


  • Don't be afraid to seek professional help if having a healthy body image is something you struggle with. "It’s a problem; it’s called body dysmorphia. Dapat malaman nila ang root of the problem or else they'll end up looking scarred and wasting money on [products and procedures]. Real beauty needs to come from within, right?"


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As a concluding thought, Ina ends, "Everyone goes through aging, but you can definitely slow it down. That’s why it’s best to take good care of yourself by eating healthy, working out and having yourself checked regularly. It’s a lot of work especially for women, as they have more to check in their bodies. Be vigilant about everything, not just about your looks, but your health too.”

And that is how to be a woman free from the worries of aging, a woman who is happy and whole no matter the changes her body goes through, and no matter where life takes her.



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Hairstyling by Francis Guintu

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Liason editor: Francis Simeon