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Alex Gonzaga Just Got Her Golden YouTube Play Button!

A huge congratulations to actress, businesswoman, and now vlogger Alex Gonzaga!



The 30-year-old comedienne was all smiles when something extremely special came in the mail for her: a golden YouTube play button! The recognition is given by the video sharing website to verified channels that surpass one million subscribers, but always at their discretion. It's only awarded to the website's most popular channels and to those that the YouTube awarding board deem to have top-quality content that adhere to community guidelines.

This is the second YouTube award that this primetime princess-turned-online influencer has received in the last year; YouTube gave her a silver play button in November 2017 to mark her 100,000th subscriber milestone. 


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With a growing experience in vlogging and content creation, Alex is sure to head towards even bigger things! The next YouTube awards she can look forward to are the Diamond play button award (for 10 million subscribers) and the Ruby play button award (for 50 million subscribers), the second of which has only ever been given once. 

Her videos, which are mostly centered on her hilarious adventures and relatable day-to-day activities, have appealed to her biggest fans and won over new followers alike. Her candidness and authenticity are the focal points of each vlog, and people can never get enough of her! 


Photos from @cathygonzaga