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Alex Gonzaga Solidifies Her Vlogger Rep With 4M YouTube Subscribers!

The actress-turned-vlogger known for her comedic chops and goofy antics gains more star power on the video streaming platform with her latest achievement.

It feels just like yesterday when Alex Gonzaga earned her YouTube golden button, a recognition given to content creators who surpass the one million subscriber mark.

The real clincher, though, is how this pretty comedienne took less than a year to quadruple her subscriber count! It’s definitely the cherry on top of the cake as the milestone also coincides with her YouTube channel’s second anniversary.

Her self-named vlog full of hilarious content about random things (can you say “chambe chambe” with me?) to close encounters with her celeb friends (her "Sosyal Raid" with Heart Evangelista is still one of our favorite lunch break vids), pop culture spoofs (Netflix may or may not love BirdBaks), “a day in the life” videos (that morning routine video never gets old), tutorials (would you actually try out her practical tips on easy-to-do date makeup?), and practically everything else under the YouTube sun has soared in popularity over the last months, inviting viewers of all backgrounds and interests to view her many vlog entries (almost all of which have at least a million views each) from time to time.

Part of her appeal has always been how she’s a self-proclaimed goofball; although she’s walked countless red carpets in style and slayed on the covers of magazines looking like an absolute queen, in real-life, Alex is actually unafraid of self-deprecating humor, initiating physical comedy, and putting her razor-sharp wit to good use.

Many of her videos’ guests have found themselves unable to hold back their own giggles on camera because of Alex’s awesome comedic timing and relevant references (watch Dr. Vicki Belo’s house and bag raid video to see what we mean!).

Since launching her YouTube channel in July 2017, Alex has influenced fellow celebrities to start their own vlogs, including her very own sister, Toni (however, Toni’s channel is arguably more serious in its content that’s mostly about her experiences as a wife, mother, and maturing actress).

She definitely has way too many videos to talk about in a single article, but for those who have been there with her from the start (as well as those just about to get to know and fall in love with her online persona), we’re rewarding you with a summary of her Top 5 most popular videos!

Re-watch them or discover them for the first time and don’t forget—don’t be afraid to crack a smile and laugh out loud because that’s exactly what Alex would have wanted you to do!

Chambe chambe, the official music video: 26 million views

BirbBaks: 7.1 million views

Two days in Boracay: 6.5 million views

Alex's room and closet tour: 5.8 million views

Alex reads harsh comments: 5.7 million views

Photos from @cathygonzaga