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All The Celebrities Who Supported The Nationwide "March For Our Lives" Protests In The United States

See how these socially responsible and politically active celebs used their star power for a greater good—and be inspired by their actions and words.



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Honored to be at #MarchForOurLives in Washington, D.C. with all of the #FutureVoters.

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Over the weekend, thousands of students were joined by their family members, teachers, and peers in nationwide protests to rally for stricter gun control in the United States. Dubbed the "March for Our Lives" protests, the momentous event was a reaction to the most recent school shootings that took the lives of many young people in several cities around the country. The movement was accompanied by the trending hashtag #NeverAgain, a plea for US leaders to make these school shootings—and all other shootings—the last the country has to recover from.



I wish I could have attended the March yesterday, for this movement is something this generation—OUR generation is going to go down in history for. We say #neveragain as we call BS on the false promises we’ve been told time and time again. With the help of social media, this generation has been able to speak and spread our words, thoughts, and beliefs faster and stronger than ever. We will keep pushing forward until the government stops prioritizing the financial relationship between them and the NRA and starts prioritizing the lives of thousands of people. We will keep marching, chanting, and fighting until our rights for safety as citizens of the USA are ACTUALLY PUT INTO PLAY AND A PERMANENT CHANGE IS PUT INTO EFFECT. #shameonyou @realdonaldtrump and @nationalrifleassociation for thinking that money is worth more than the lives of the people you claim to “love” and “protect” as president. Oh, thats right, I forgot. It doesn’t effect you therefore you chose to ignore it. Well, @realdonaldtrump not anymore.

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In the first quarter of 2018 alone, the US has seen 17 school shootings. In 2017, there was a total of nine, and in 2016, 15 school shootings took the lives of even more students and teachers. To date, the US government has not adjusted its gun laws to significantly help curb school gun-related violence.



Yesterday I marched in Washington DC for Parkland and for our 17 angels. I marched for Jaelynn Willey and Courtlin Arrington. I marched for the black, POC, LGBT, transgender, immigrant, and ALL communities where gun violence happens daily with no news recognition or call for change. I marched for ALL lives. I marched so my little brother never has to wonder why his school is on lockdown again. So he can make it through high school safely and without a reason for active shooter drills. For my future kids and for your kids to grow up knowing their schools, churches, movie theaters, etc, are safe. So no more parents have to get a text message from their kid hiding under a desk. I marched so conversations about arming teachers and giving kids bullet proof backpacks are no longer the norm and discussions of gun reform and common sense gun laws are. Yesterday I expected to see so much hatred and animosity from counter protestors but there was not. one. person. I received so many hugs, thank you’s and words of support from random strangers of all different generations. Change really is here and I’m so incredibly proud of the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas for leading the way. Our generation is here and we will be heard. Now that the March is over, it doesn’t mean our fight is too. Don’t forget to #VoteThemOut in November. Register. If you’re a fellow college student, file for your absentee ballot. Every single vote counts. #NeverAgain

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The issue is a hot button for American politicians and citizens alike who have long debated the parameters of the legal use of firearms and who is allowed to purchase, or own, guns. While there are others who seek compromise in gun control legislation, there are many who believe that these laws must be changed immediately and drastically—many of whom are A-list names in Hollywood.



There were many celebrities who rallied arm-in-arm with protesters, arrived at the scene with their own homemade placards, performed, donated, and promoted the cause online to show their solidarity with the nation's youth who led the marches. Together with their fellow Americans, their message was clear and unanimous: nothing is worth jeopardizing a child's life for, and most especially not for guns.

Check out the celebrities who made their presence felt at the historic "March for Our Lives" protests:


Lady Gaga





Demi Lovato




Kim Kardashian




Amy Schumer




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Paul McCartney




Julianne Moore 




Harry Styles



Sending love to you from Oberhausen. @marchforourlives

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Amy Poehler




Kaia Gerber



#marchforourlives ??

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Jonah Hill



Didn’t make this sign but very glad I found it .

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Will Smith




Lin Manuel Miranda




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Ben Platt



Two inspiring men. #marchforourlives #guncontrolnow

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Selena Gomez




Karlie Kloss



Load minds, not guns. #marchforourlives

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The Cyrus sisters



Millennials taking over! ?? #MarchForOurLives

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Rita Ora and Jaden Smith




Olivia Wilde




Reese Witherspoon



We hear You. We Hurt for You. We will Demand Change. @marchforourlives

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Connie Britton




Laura Dern



@everytown @marchforourlives

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Nick Offerman




Ellen DeGeneres




Ellen Page




Justin Timberlake




Charlize Theron and Chelsea Handler



#marchforourlives #dc #enough

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Sheryl Crow




Jennifer Lopez



Kids change everything... #enoughisenough #marchforourlives

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Lena Dunham




Yara Shahidi




Padma Lakshmi



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