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Amanda Griffin-Jacob Is Now A Mom Of Four—See Some Of Their Best Family Portraits!

It's nice to meet you, Kyle Antony!

The charming baby boy who was named after Amanda's dad is the fourth little one in this model and TV personality's big brood—and the last piece to complete the puzzle!



For as long as she can remember, Amanda had always wanted a big, bubbly family when the time came for her to become a mom. Now that the dream has come true, she often takes the time to acknowledge just how fortunate she is to have a husband, businessman David Jacob, who wanted the same, and most importantly, was equally willing to make the necessary sacrifices to raise and nurture four children growing up at the same time! 


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Gaining her first experiences with parenthood with sons Kieran and Kalon and daughter Lila, Amanda shares how her unique experiences of motherhood have now culminated with the birth of her youngest. Having grown up in a small household and cherishing only a handful of memories with her extended family members, Amanda made a silent promise to her future kids to give them more chances to bond, love, and be in the company of siblings during their formative years and for the rest of their lives. 

Baby Kyle, as it seems, was not only a gift to Amanda and David, but to his older siblings, too! 



Looking back at the last nine months, Amanda shares how it was a tougher than usual pregnancy, especially when it came to her diet and energy. The dedicated vegan and exercise buff was unable to withstand the thought of feasting on her usual healthy picks and spent many a day resting in bed due to debilitating nausea—a first for a mom who had already gone through three pregnancies.


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The experiences, as she explains, were a reminder to moms that every child that comes into their lives (even when they're still in their bellies) will always manage to teach them different things; no pregnancy, childhood, and motherhood stories will ever be identical, and that, no matter how tiring, pregnancy is one of the best parts of mommyhood. Just as Amanda and her family love to go on out of town adventures together, her ongoing journey as a hands-on mom is one she sees as a personal adventure in itself. 


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It's only been five days since Kyle has come into this world, yet it's already crystal clear that his small size is in no way proportional to the amount of happiness he's brought to his family. Smiles are even more aplenty in the Jacob household, thanks to his presence.

For even more good vibes today, scroll through this super cute gallery of our favorite photos of Amanda and her fam having a blast together. 




Photos from @amandagriffin_j