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Andi Eigenmann And Her Daughter Ellie Are Two Of Our Favorite Girls Of Summer—Here Are 25 Photos That Show Why!

For Andi Eigenmann and Ellie, summer's not just a season—it's their whole approach to living life! #MomAndDaughterGoals.



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As Andi is currently enjoying a break from the klieg lights, she's absolutely slaying her cool beach girl persona. The actress has traded in red carpet appearances for beachside hangouts, glamorous looks for bare-faced beauty, and movie and TV sets for the boundless outdoors. For the record, allow us to say that she looks f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!




Her many travels have brought her everywhere from Siargao to Balesin, Baler to Zambales and lots in between, basically ticking off all items on our beach bucket lists.

And, adding to Andi's charm is definitely her daughter, Ellie, who's just as adventurous as her mom. This 6-year-old ball of energy loves the beach, just like mom; she'll ride a skateboard with poise and sass, just like mom; and she's happiest and cutest when she's out playing in the sun, just like mom.



(P)ool kidz. #theBelle FUJIFILM X-A2 #Fujifilm @fujifilmph

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This dynamic duo's eternally sun-kissed cheeks (or in Andi's case, those adorable freckles) are everything we want this summer and beyond; that, and their laidback lifestyle, love for exploration, and appreciation for simple joys that become one's most treasured memories.

With these two, summer definitely feels like it could go on forever! And it can—if, like Andi and Ellie, you remember to sit back, relax, and take life in stride.


Check out these two girls of summer in action in this gallery below:




Photos from @andieigengirl