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Andi Eigenmann Is Expecting Another Daughter! Here's What Her Second Pregnancy Has Taught Her

Soon-to-be mommy of two and certified surfer chick Andi Eigenmann has made it official; the newest addition to her family will be another little girl!



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The news came over the weekend as Andi comes close to celebrating three happy and healthy months of pregnancy with partner and fellow surfer, Philmar Alipayo.

Organizing a family gathering to deliver the big gender reveal announcement in the most creative of ways, Andi put together an adorable balloon-popping game to help them guess. 


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The mechanics of the game of were simple: pop any of the six black balloons tacked to the board and pay attention to the glitter that spill out! Guests were then tasked to tally the number of balloons that contained either blue or pink glitter, the higher color count indicating a coming baby boy or girl.

And with every balloon popped, Andi expressed enthusiasm over the rising tally in favor of a second daughter and so did her family present, including her mom, legendary actress Jaclyn Jose. 


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And its a ..........?

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Though Andi's second pregnancy was unexpected for the most part, she'll undoubtedly be a loving mom to her second child nonetheless. 

She is, after all, already a proud mommy to beautiful seven-year-old Ellie, the experience teaching her much about raising a confident, healthy, and good-natured little girl—the same will be done for Ellie's little sister. 


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I am truly blessed to have you as my bestfriend.??

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Something also worth mentioning about Andi's second pregnancy is her ability to process the public's reactions more graciously, especially those that are less than encouraging.

Becoming more mature over the years, she's no longer as reactive and combative as she used to be towards her critics; now, she often writes about self-acceptance and self-love, citing her own pregnancies and the changes both her mind and body went through as she transitioned from a happy-go-lucky millennial to a responsible, selfless mother as prime examples of how to handle bashers. 


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Her latest Instagram post as of this writing summarizes her whole attitude towards womanhood and motherhood: 

"In lieu of international women’s day. Here I was a couple months back, 8 weeks pregnant and in my best shape. I look at myself right now a little over 19 weeks into my pregnancy and definitely looking and feeling rounder. One thing has remained the same: my self- worth. It was when I became a mother to Ellie, and even more now that I am a mother of 2 that I have realised the importance of self love and appreciation," she said. 


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"It took me a while, but now I am able to define beauty for myself and I feel this way regardless of what shape I am in, and regardless of what others think! What motivates me to keep a mindset like this is the hope that by being the best version of myself, I can inspire my children to grow up to be the best version of theirs, imperfections and all. Happiness is not something I found, it is something I have created for myself, because its what I deserve. And you deserve it too, girl!" she ended.


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Teach your child to know that the magic is not out there, but inside each and everyone of us.

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Likewise, Andi's relationship with Ellie is loved by many for being "mom and daughter goals" as they spend practically every waking moment of their free time together enjoying sun, sea, and sand and growing closer as they share more adventures together.

What Andi writes about on social media, she lives in her day to day activies; she's a woman who walks her talk and who's definitely more than capable of sending the right message to another daughter. 


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Of course, it certainly helps that Andi has had the support of her second baby's father since day one. 

Philmar has been there every step of the way to make sure that his girlfriend and child's comfort and health are of utmost priorty at all times, even when the whole family is enjoying a typical day out on the waves. 


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Andi has a long way to go before she gets to officially say hello to daughter number two, and we can't wait to be part of her journey of motherhood! Until then, we're sending wishes of happiness and love to this growing family. 



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