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GP Reyes & Andi Manzano's Star Wars-Themed Baptism Party For Baby Amelia Was The Coolest!

When Andi Manzano and husband GP Reyes threw the biggest baby gender reveal party we'd ever seen for their second daughter Amelia, we thought we'd seen the best that this pair of super hip parents had up their sleeves. 

Then Andi followed it up with an ethereal maternity shoot and a meaningful baby shower that impressed yet again, and just when we were sure they'd outdone themselves for good, the weekend happened. Andi and GP flexed their combined creative muscles and gave us something much, much cooler: Star Wars-themed baptism party!



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The special day was awesome for so many reasons.

First, while baptisms are joyous occasions, they've mostly been treated by many families as solemn and serious events. We're in total awe of how Andi decided on a non-traditional party (no mundane brunches or usual meriendas here!) to follow up baby Amelia's big welcome to the Christian world.


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Second, although Andi was organizing a party for a little girl, she picked a theme that's most often associated with little boys and we're all for it! Despite having a feminine sense of style herself, this mom did an entire 180 with expectations for one of baby Amelia's biggest life milestones, making it all the more memorable. 


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Andi and GP's guests all seemed to appreciate the uniqueness of the event staged at B.A.D Late Night Breakfast Bar that featured Stormtroopers, lightsabers, and other inter-galactic elements. Even Olivia, Amelia's older sister who celebrated her 4th birthday in March, had a go at a lightsaber battle and enjoyed herself! 


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May the 4th with you! #thereyeses #pilarolivia

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But it wasn't just Amelia's party that featured Star Wars-inspired touches.

Her actual baptism held at the Santuario De San Antonio Parish at Forbes Park included lightsaber candles, and her pretty dress by Heirloom by Veluz certainly looked like it could have been a piece that a little Princess Leia would have looked lovely in. 


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Baptism ready! Forever a fan @heirloombyveluz @veluzbride ?? #MayThe4thBeWithYou #BaptizeAmeliaDay

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Of course, even a party as cool as this couldn't have been as fun without Amelia's whole brood.

Lucky for the little girl, everyone in her can came out to celebrate the day with her including her titas, Andi's sisters Bella, Angel and Sophia, as well as her grandparents Bobit and Rose. Ninangs and ninongs were also present at the event, completing the picture of Amelia's whole family. 


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Crediting their trusted suppliers who took beautiful photos and videos all throughout the event, GP made sure to mention celeb favorites Jason Magbanua and Pat Dy, as well as Little Big Day Films and Cocoon Studios PH for being on top of capturing the day's best moments. 


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Overall, there was more than enough sweetness to go around during this special time in Amelia's life and to share it with you, we've put together a gallery of the event's best moments. Who knows, it could inspire you to take the non-conformist route for the next big event your own family is looking forward to, too! 





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