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Literally, A Taste Of Glory: Angel Aquino And Tony Labrusca's "Glorious" Quickens Pulses, And Then Some

Heed this film's advice to make your November extra, extra steamy: eat, kiss, love, look, feel, taste, and be Glorious. 



Because you WANT it, #Glorious will be STREAMING WORLDWIDE ON NOV 17!

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11M ?? to everyone! ?? #Glorious streaming this November 17 on iWant!

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The Concepcion Macatuno-directed Glorious starring actress Angel Aquino and newcomer Tony Labrusca begs one question: are they acting, or is that onscreen chemistry feeling realer than real? 

After all, the 45-year-old stunner and the 23-year-old hunk of an actor signed onto the romantic drama to illustrate a very specific kind of relationship: that between an older woman and a much younger lover, the kind of connection that must brave the merciless stares and whispers of the judgmental in order to survive.


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With each scene that shows this reel couple in the throes of unrestrained passion, Angel and Tony, or rather, their characters Glory and Niko, succeed, breathlessly, at making their desire to explore their relationship (and bodies) known. 



Brought to audiences by Dreamscape Digital and iWant, the movie is set to stream on the 17th, but has already piqued the undivided anticipation of millions as evidenced by the number of views of its official trailer that dropped on November 4. It's at 11 million views, as of this writing. It reached 1 million views in just three hours. 


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The two-minute montage teases some of the film's raunchier sequences, many of which show its leading man and lady in one form of intense physical contact or another. An ending scene previews the film's possible climax, a fork in the road where Angel must decide whether the uphill climb to acceptance is worth it. 

Whether Glory and Niko are able to maneuver the challenges of their love's unconventional circumstances and make it through till the very end will be for viewers to discover themselves. 



But even with its focus on what happens between a couple in love behind closed doors when the lights go out, don't think that all Glorious was made to do was to titillate. The film sets out to do much more than that: to help normalize this relationship frowned upon by many, simply because of its failure to win at math. A woman and a man with decades between them (three decades, in this film) are often never allowed by society to be together, or at least not without going through a gauntlet. 


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With the triumphs of modern love giving rise to the freedom of members of the LGBTQIA+ community to be with whom they choose, interracial couples to be together, or even widows and widowers to find love again, why can't partners with larger than usual age gaps (especially when the woman leads) also be afforded the same? 



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Reflecting on the issue and sharing their thoughts about the film are some of the entertainment industry's biggest names, many of whom, like us, are excitedly counting down the days until we can devour the film from start to finish. 

Here's what some of them had to say: 






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Overall, even ordinary folks seem to be impressed with Angel and Tony's acting prowess, as well as their courage to lead a project that will undoubtedly bend the rules on love in the right direction. 

Nine days to go until we can all enjoy the many glorious joys this movie has to offer!


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