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Is Angel Locsin Going To Be The First Filipina To Play A Marvel Superhero?

The 33-year-old was visualized by Marvel Comics artist Leinil Francis Yu to play a brand new heroine should the character ever need an actress to bring her to life. 



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In a brief conversation between Angel and Leinil, it was revealed that the Filipino creator handpicked her out of all the talented actresses in the country to portray Wave (real name Pearl Pangan), a newcomer in the massive Marvel universe who has yet to make her debut this summer. 


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In case you missed it, Wave isn't just making an impact by simply being a fresh face in the legendary graphic novel publisher's roster of heroes; she's actually part of a new Asian-American group of warriors leading the miniseries War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas, a first in Marvel's long history. 



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Though Leinil and Greg Pak, a Marvel Comics writer and a co-producer of the miniseries, have yet to share more details about Wave, so far, we know that she's from Cebu, has water and tech-based powers, and her weapon of choice is the kampilan, a.k.a. a narrow sword traditionally used by ethnic groups in the Philippines—the last of which was what caught Angel's attention. 


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Recognizing the weapon, Angel tweeted: "I'm excited to learn more about this character! I [love] that her weapon of choice is a Kampilan, w/c is believed to be the sword Lapu-Lapu used to strike down Ferdinand Magellan," to which Leinil replied.

Check out the exchange below: 






Expectedly, Leinil's suggestion caused a frenzy among Angel's fans who all hoped she would be the first Filipina actress to be part of the cast in a Marvel Studios production. However, the actress made it clear that she was done with superhero roles.


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Although she didn't specify why she would turn down the role if offered to her, it's thought that the spine injury she suffered from in 2017 might be the main reason. (The last superhero Angel took on was when she portrayed Darna. Additionally, she's currently playing the titular character's role in primetime series The General's Daughter where she's flexing her action-drama chops). 



With time, healing, and what's sure to be a positive reception of Wave's big reveal, could Angel change her mind about the superhero role? We have our fingers crossed! 


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