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What Went On At The Golden Globes With Angelina Jolie And Jennifer Aniston Both Gracing The Event?

Even for regular folks, it can be pretty awkward finding yourself in such close proximity with a woman you know your husband left you for, especially when your separation wasn't an amicable one. 

Now, imagine Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, both ex-wives of Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt in the same situation. Let that image sink in, then multiply the awkwardness by infinity, when we remind you that these women of great influence and unparalleled beauty found themselves within feet of each other during the 75th Golden Globes. They've reportedly not been in the same room together since 2015, and haven't been seen acknowledging each other in public since then.



Collective followers of the two actresses stay tuned throughout the awards show, waiting for the moment when either woman would so much as glance at the other, or offer a smile. It didn't happen. In fact, nothing did. There was no Internet-breaking that happened due to the great Aniston-Jolie face-off, post-Pitt. 

In fact, the actresses were seated in different parts of the ballroom, and Jennifer supposedly skipped the red carpet to avoid running into Angelina with hundreds of cameras present to capture the moment. 

So the night's sea of tension had swelled then relaxed, until an extra-vigilant Twitter user posted a screengrab that has since gone viral.



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The still shows Angelina seated with actress Dakota Johnson at their table. While everyone is looking up at the stage where Jennifer is presenting an award alongside Carol Burnett, Angelina is seen looking down at something. 

As if that wasn't enough, the same photo shows Dakota possibly casually glancing at Angelina, perhaps waiting to see too how the star would react. 



Looking at the women on their own, though, and regardless of what each was thinking about the other during the politically charged awards night, both Jennifer and Angelina looked absolutely perfect. Angelina attended the glitzy event in Atelier Versace, while Jennifer rocked a number by Schiaparelli Haute Couture. Both dresses were, of course, done in black as the actresses joined the #MeToo and Time's Up movements that set the tone for the Golden Globes. 

Outside of the awards season (and certainly outside of their relationship with Brad), both women have made it a point to go beyond their A-lister lives by supporting and getting involved in different advocacies. Jennifer is heavily involved in a handful of medical charities, thanks to her involvement with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, while Angelina has focused her philanthropic work on humanitarian efforts as an active member of and Special Envoy to the United Nations. 



With their desire to reach beyond the confines of Hollywood (and to make themselves substantial women, even after their tough divorces), maybe one day they'll be able to see eye to eye and that they are, in fact, not much different from each other. 

Who knows? Maybe they could both be on stage together, or perhaps applauding the other for their charitable accomplishments. When it comes to two of these most beautiful women of our time, we hope for the best! 


Photos from @variety (thumbnail and cover photo)