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Make Way For The Queen: Watch Angie Mead-King’s Story In "Driven" On Metro Channel

Before Angie Mead-King, there was Ian King, known sports car enthusiast, mogul behind the Victoria Court motel chain, and married to Joey Mead-King. Now, nothing much has changed. She is still the same car lover and businesswoman, still happily married to the love of her life.

Except that she now dresses in heels and beautiful clothes, her face dolled up and her hair long and soft. She is now a transgender woman who prefers to answer to the name, Angie.


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It wasn’t easy, of course, when Ian unveiled to the world that she now wanted to become known as Angie. It wasn’t easy for the couple, who had to adjust to their new dynamics, and it certainly wasn’t easy for the new Angie to get into terms of who she wanted to become.


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“You have to get confidence from other people’s journeys for you to get that 'I can do this. If they can do it, I can do it too!'” – Angie Mead-King


But Angie came out during an era where transgender women and men are now more accepted by the society, and movements have started to cascade overseas and locally for the right of LGTBQIA+—and she knows she is lucky to have had the support of her family, her wife Joey, her friends, and her followers during her most difficult time.  

“There’s actually so many transwomen now in the industry who are very respectable, doing their thing, and breaking down stereotypes and barriers,” Angie says. “It’s such a great time now to see this happening.”

If you haven’t yet, catch Angie’s inspiring and moving story on Driven, where she talks to host Tricia Centenera about her whole transition journey, from the King to the Queen. Take a sneak peek at her car collection as well, including this beautiful Porsche car!


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Watch the replay of Driven featuring Angie Mead King on July 26, 7AM, on Metro Channel 174 on Sky Cable HD.