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Anji Salvacion’s Summer Single “Paraiso” Signals A New Version Of Herself

This track, the singer-songwriter says, "will pave the way for a new Anji"

Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 Big Winner and budding singer-songwriter Anji Salvacion is embracing an evolved version of herself. Good vibrations continue to pulsate as her confidence is at an all-time high, allowing Anji to tail her heart’s deepest desires. Through her latest track, “Paraiso,” a new sound and new image is channeled into her music. 

As she matures and yields more years in her life, Anji admits that alongside her growth is the germination of fresh tunes. “As I’m growing din sa industry, I believe that I’m slowly finding the perfect sound for me that will resonate with me as an artist din,” she tells us, fascinated by how her brand new navigation is unfolding in unison with her sophisticated side.

“This track will pave the way for a new Anji—alluring, new, jaunty, and immaculate,” she teases. “I believe that ‘Paraiso’ is the perfect song to introduce the new me.” With lines that range from “They can’t copy my essence; I got that presence through thick and thin,” to “Over and under, I’m solid forever ’cause I’m winning,” the single serves as a reinvention of Anji.

“The song is really empowering and I really love the lyrics of the song,” she says. “It just made me dance, but at the same time, it made me so nervous.” 

She adds, “Everything was so beautiful and I don’t know if I’m going to deliver this well or [if I’m] good enough.”

As to what she considers her own concept of paradise, Anji responded promptly to Metro.Style: “Of course, my home—Siargao. It always has been a paradise for me and growing up in such [a] beautiful place with beautiful memories—it’s amazing.” Raised as an islander, Anji is inclined to return to her hearth and home. “I would always choose Siargao and go back to Siargao.”

As her summer anthem sizzles opposite her new outlook, Anji is more than happy to meet the transition halfway. “I always sing heartbreaking songs. Everybody knows how I love to sing songs that break me but now, I love to sing songs that really inspire me—my roots; everything about me,” concludes the former Idol Philippines hopeful and PBB alum.

Presented by Tarsier Records, produced by Exale, and created by US-based songwriters Anne Marie Ala and Alex Gordeev, the sun-baked, catchy-as-they-come single is Anji’s rendition of self-love and acceptance. Letting out a smile and a spark in her eyes, Anji expresses, “I just love it so much and I would say it’s about pa’no ko mahalin ’yung ako ngayon.”

Lead photos courtesy of Tarsier Records