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Anji Salvacion Has Turned Pain Into Power With Her EP, "Grit"

If there’s anything she gained from the pains she’s had to deal with and move on from, it’s developing grit to power through

Anji Salvacion is nowhere near her past, blazing in the present like wildfire. She learned her lessons well, and lo and behold, she is back with a braver and bolder front. 

“Last year wasn’t my best year. I felt lost. I was about to give up that year. It was pretty dark and pretty scary,” she revealed in an interview with Metro.Style. Realizing that her worth truly stems from the whispers within and not from the superficial noises, the songstress and Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 Big Winner caught us up on how her album Grit came about. 

“Actually, sobrang proud ko sa launch na to. It’s because I prepared a lot,” Anji told us, walking us through the processes and creative practice that she underwent for her tracks to be in their best shape. She said that she had to take voice lessons to level up her vocal strength, and back up her singing ability with confidence and awareness.

“It really helps in terms of being confident with my voice. Now, I’m more confident singing; I’m more confident performing on stage,” Anji reassured, thanking record producer Rox Santos, who pushed her to do more as a “dad” would.

Anji mentioned that her Academy of Rock Philippines (AOR) mentor, Teacher Pat, also helped her adjust. She shared, “You know, I became someone who I thought I wouldn’t be, and [it’s] because of them. I’m super excited—super pumped up.”

Having thought of the album title herself, Anji let us into the loop of her EP (extended play): “We’re able to make something that is pretty memorable for me. It is like empowering little girls out there, empowering every woman out there—not just women; any gender, anybody who can relate.”

“It’s because we live in a world where everybody’s putting standards—limiting us to what we can do. And I want to convey that message to them,” she added. “Hindi ka dapat papayag na diyan ka lang. Hindi ka dapat papayag na ito ’yung sasabihin sa’yonadito ka lang, hindi ka na puwedeng mag-go above.’”

According to Anji, our talent is a weapon that wields the most power, pointing out, “You know what, we are all capable of doing something great and of doing something that can inspire others, too.”

Through her six-track EP, Anji ushers in a fresh version of herself—fearless, unwavering, and with grit. “It helped me a lot. It helped me a lot in terms of getting back my confidence and my passion,” she declared, dedicating the gesture to those who went through similar struggles.

Kung wala akong grit, I wouldn’t be here talking to you, being interviewed and standing in front of you proud, happy, and content,” she carried on, grateful for her collaboration with StarPop and RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs. the World’s Third Placer and drag queen Marina Summers, who directed the music video of Grit’s main track, “You Didn’t.”

Last March 16, just a couple of days after Valentine’s Day, Anji held an album launch at the Gateway Cineplex, treating her fans to a delightful showcase of grit and glam as well as songs of self-love and self-worth. 

Anji looked back on putting her EP together, loving every bit of the experience. “It’s about inspiring little girls out there to go beyond what you’re told to. We don’t just stay still and just do nothing,” she concluded.

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