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EXCLUSIVE: Quotes From Anne Curtis To Inspire You To Be Your Most Stylish Self Today



Anne is on a roll. 

Just this year, the older Curtis-Smith sister headlined three major films (the internationally and critically acclaimed Buy Bustromantic gem Sid & Aya: Not a Love Story, and indie horror flick Aurora set to hit theaters on Christmas Day), while having enough time on her hands to strengthen her very own beauty brand BLK Cosmetics, star in her solo "Anne Kulit" concert, continue hosting It's Showtime, grace the covers of local and international magazines, and finally, be recognized as one of the fashion scene's leading ladies. 

In a few weeks' time, she'll also be celebrating her first wedding anniversary with restaurateur Erwan Heussaff


EXCLUSIVE: The Curtis-Smiths—Anne and Jasmine Are The Ultimate Style Sisters

She's this generation's ultimate multi-hyphenate who's proven time and time again that with substance behind style, a woman can achieve anything. It's the same lesson she's passing on to her little sister, the equally stylish Jasmine, whose own fashionable moments and professional milestones have been leaving lasting impressions, too. Together, the sisters are unstoppable, making their way to the top with an infallible combination of beauty and brains. 

Setting an example not just for Jasmine but for her millions of fans here and abroad, Anne sits down with Metro.Style to share her thoughts on sisterhood, style, and everything most important to her today. 



Anne dreams of Dior, while @jascurtissmith’s heart beats for Chanel. @annecurtissmith has embraced fashion for all its funky possibilities, whereas Jasmine is happiest with dependable pieces. Extraordinary vintage finds get Anne's pulse racing, while practical purchases are right up Jasmine's alley. At first glimpse, these sisters appear to be a mismatched duo, seemingly at odds when it comes to beauty, fashion, and all things stylish. But it would be wrong to assume this; rather than contradict and counteract, they complement and harmonize, loving the other for everything she is—tastes, quirks, best qualities, and all. Read the full story at the link in our bio! . Photography by @markednicdao Creative direction by @theonlychookiecruz Sittings editors @kate_paras and @_judyarias Text by @saraloopdeloop Set Styling by @flourishandfrills Fashion Styling by @danaevernisse for Stylized Studio, Assisted by @aiatabuzo Makeup by @robbiepinera (Anne), @johnpagadu (Jasmine) Hair by @santiagoraymond (Anne), @kierlovelasco (Jasmine) Video producer @joknutsss Videography by @berwincoroza, assisted by @gironism Shoot assistant @caragt Special thanks to @betchayvidanes, Warren Dimen, Francis Simeon, Michelle Nunez, Greenwich and The Butterhalf

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Anne on her fashion prefences

"I’m pretty fun because I like to experiment. I don’t really have a certain style. It’s more of whatever I feel like wearing on that day, I’ll wear it. So, I don’t have a distinct or certain style...  I can be a chameleon. One day I’ll be Korean-inspired, the next day I’ll be 90s-inspired, on another day I’ll be super ladylike."


Anne on her next bold fashion statement 

"I can’t shop at the moment because I’m building a house. I’m at that age where the priorities start shifting. What I'll try—but I’m not super confident about it yet—is to wear cycling shorts with an oversized blazer, something like that. I haven’t done it yet, but we’ll see...  But, I love vintage shopping—accessories, blazers, A-line dresses, those are the things I look for."


Anne on her all-time favorite ensemble

"I think it would have to be when I wore my wedding dress. How magical it looked." 


Anne on a look of Jasmine that she loved the most

"There’s a Vania Romoff gown that I saw her wear that I super loved. It was so beautiful on her. When it comes to Jasmine, her style is super laidback, so it doesn’t have to be super branded. Everything that she wears, I hope I could look good in those outfits. But, I’m a little more voluptuous so I know it will be a different fit; they're really for her body type."



Anne on the looks Erwan compliments her for

"Everything! He always says, 'you look cute, mon amour,' or 'you look good, mon amour.' I could be wearing a white tee, and he would say, 'You’re so pretty.'"


Anne on what it's like being Jasmine's sister now

"It’s only in the past couple of years that we’ve really been able to converse. Because when she was a baby, I couldn't have these conversations with her. So, I think that’s what’s amazing about her now. She’s a woman; she’s all grown up. We can talk about the most random things, and I can talk to her as an adult."


Anne on what about Australia makes her happiest

"The simplicity of it all. We’d go down the street, eat fish and chips at the park. Everything is so simple there. It’s super laidback. That, and spending time with family. It’s really quality time and that’s what I love about it. And also shopping for Australian brands!"


Anne on her travel makeup essentials 

"I don’t like to have every makeup, so I like to have a basic cheek tint, lipstick, eyelash curler, mascara, face powder, I don’t even bring foundation or concealer. A must for me is removing your makeup, or finding a good skincare that matches your skin. I’ve gone through a lot. If you have extra time, use a facemask."



Anne on who the stylish woman is to her

"A stylish woman is someone who is very comfortable with her own self, no matter what she’s wearing, no matter who she’s with. She’s comfortable in her own skin, and that for me is truly a stylish woman. It doesn’t matter if you're wearing branded clothes, branded shoes, and handbags. It’s how you handle yourself no matter what you’re wearing, who you’re with."


Anne on exercise and fitness

"Every morning, I workout, go to the gym. I’m going to take up Pilates again."


Anne on the importance of confidence

"Don’t leave any room for insecurities. That’s the whole point in being comfortable in your own skin. Just enjoy dressing however you want to dress and just being yourself. I always say learn 'the art of dedma,' which means basically don’t leave any room for insecurities. Don’t care about what people will have to say, as long as you’re not offending someone. Be comfortable in your skin."


Anne on being considered a fashion icon

"It’s such an honor because I think I’m really just someone who dresses however I want. I don’t really care for others. I mean I’m honored that people say I’m a woman with style, but it wouldn’t bother me anyway if they didn’t think that way because this is how I like to dress."


Photography by Mark Nicdao

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz

Sittings editors: Kate Paras-Santiago and Judy Arias

Set Styling by Flourish and Frills

Fashion Styling by Danae Dipon for StyLIZed Studio, assisted by Aia Tabuzo

Makeup by Robbie Piñera (Anne) and John Pagaduan (Jasmine)

Hairstyling by Raymond Santiago (Anne) and Kierlo Velasco (Jasmine)

Video producer: Joan Ko

Videography by Berwin Coroza, assisted by Marnie Giron

Shoot assistant: Cara Tirona

Shot on location at Luxent Hotel, Timog Ave., Quezon City

Special thanks to Betchay Vidanes, Warren Dimen, Francis Simeon, Michelle Nuñez, Greenwich, and The Butterhalf