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All The Places Arci Muñoz Visited During Her Bucket List-Worthy Sri Lankan Vacay

With summer fast approaching, why not consider the exotic Sri Lanka as one of your travel picks for the season? 

There's much to discover about the neighboring Southeast Asian country, but if you feel like you've yet to learn more about it before booking a ticket, worry not. Arci Muñoz shows us exactly where to go and what to do—even what to wear!—during a visit to Sri Lanka with her firsthand experiences of the tropical destination. 



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Sri Lanka's capital is full of history. Featuring architectural heritage from the country's colonial periods ruled by the Portugese, Dutch, and British, the city is a beautiful melting pot of east and west, of both Christian and Muslim influences, and of traditional and contemporary designs and centuries-old artistry. 

Luxe beaches are side by side the urban landscape here, which makes the city home to a ton of Instagrammable spots! Make sure to hit the Colombo National Museum and the Viharamahadevi Park, both locations are results of Colombo's multi-faceted personality. 


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Polonnaruwa was once a city inhabited and ruled by royals, so expect to be surrounded with imposing ruins of what were once majestic structures built for powerful kings and queens. 

Definitely more of an outdoor adventure than concrete jungle Colombo, this UNESCO World Heritage Site will take you back in time to what life was like for Sri Lankan Monarchy around during the 9th to 11th centuries, in estimate. Thanks to combined restoration and preservation efforts by Sri Lankan authorities, many of Polonnaruwa's major edifices, walls, arches, and statues have remained intact, ready to tell their stories to travelers from all over the world. 


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Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sigiriya boasts of an ancient palace and fortress in one built atop a 660-foot tall column of rock—and it's even older than the ruins at Polonnaruwa.

Found to be developed between the years 477 to 495, the Sigiriya rock structure boasts of preserved art frescoes and impressive stone sculpting. Remnants of a royal residence that once stood there, moats, gardens, terraces, and other intricate features can all be viewed. 

Aside from getting their dose of history, visitors often come to this site to reach the top; the panoramic view is simply breathtaking. 


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Despite only staying in Sri Lanka for a few days on official business (Arci was actually invited by Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena to a private function in his home, the reasons of which Arci has yet to reveal), her personal experiences of this country's culture have been enough to convince us that it's worth a visit. 

Just like Arci was, we'll be prepared with our OOTDs that are climate-appropriate; lots of breathable cottons, chambrays, and linens are going with us on this trip, including comfy strappy sandals, hats, and sunglasses to accessorize!


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Round up your favorite group of travel buddies to plan your Sri Lankan trip soon, as there's coincidentally an ongoing PAL seat sale you're going to want to take advantage of.

Until your trip, scroll through the gallery below to check out Arci's own Sri Lankan vacay and gather inspiration!




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